Saint Martin Tour Package from Cox’s Bazar (এখুনি দেখুন)

If you want to see the sea? Then I must tell you to go to Cox’s Bazar. Besides, if you want to enjoy more breathtaking views of the Bay of Bengal, you have to go to St. Martin.

Yes, you can travel to St. Martin from Cox’s Bazar. But how do you go from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin, what are its packages and how to buy ship tickets? I will present it to you through this post.

Read the article carefully from beginning to end. Some companies have announced different packages in front of you through this post. I will discuss about it in detail.

So without further ado let’s get to the main discussion. Welcome to today’s post. A small island in the middle of the sea, surrounded by clear blue water. You have to go by ship.

What a thrilling feeling to think of crossing the ocean. right? The name of the small island is Saint Martin. A variety of companies have announced packages from St.Martin to Sea Call.

An overnight stay in Saint Martin by non AC bus will cost you from 5499 taka to 10 thousand taka. Also if you stay in Saint Martin package for two nights you will have to spend more.

Apart from this there are couple packages which cost more. Now you need to know what method you need to go from Saint Martin to Cox’s Bazar or from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin.

You can go from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin by ship. A ship leaves for St. Martin from Cox’s Bazar every day. However, ships to St. Martin are sometimes closed due to inclement weather.

Today, through this post, we will discuss the tour package from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin in detail. In that case you can travel to Saint Martin

from a minimum of 4 thousand taka to a maximum of 10 thousand taka per person. The package includes 5 meals and the three day package includes 8 meals and accommodation at the resort.

Through this post I will discuss the detailed information of going from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin. Read the article carefully from beginning to end.

Saint Martin is operated by a ship named Green Line Transport. In this case you can travel on green line transportation for a maximum of 2500 taka

and 25 thousand taka to 60 thousand taka per person for VIP cabin. Bangladesh Tours makes it easy for you to book tickets for your trip to Saint Martin.

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