Saint Martin Tour Guide Bangla, Cost, Time (এখানে ট্যুর গাইড দেখুন)

Saint Martin is a coral island of Bangladesh. Are you interested in knowing about Saint Martin? If you are interested to know about this Saint Martin Island then this post is for you.

We have discussed in our post today what you can see when traveling to St. Martin. In addition, we have discussed about the times when it is appropriate to travel to St. Martin

and when the tourist ships of St. Martin are closed or when there are less tourists in St. Martin. If you read our post carefully then you will get various information about Saint Martin.

There are many beautiful places to visit in our country. Saint Martin is one of these popular places. Many tourists from our country and abroad come to visit Saint Martin.

Saint Martin is an island of Bangladesh. Which is located in the Bay of Bengal a few kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar. The area of ​​this island is 8 square kilometers.

The beauty of the sea can be enjoyed from this island. The island is surrounded by blue water. Also, the evening sunset and morning sunrise from this island is very beautiful.

Thousands of tourists travel to the island to enjoy the beauty of this island. How many tourist ships ply on this island? Tourists travel to Saint Martin by boat.

And these tourist ships operate from Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf. Apart from the ship, you can also go to Saint Martin by trawler or by boat. But it is safer to go to Saint Martin

by ship than by boat or trawler. A ship is one of the modes of travel to St. Martin. When it comes to traveling to Saint Martin, ships will make your trip a pleasure.

Winter is usually the best time to visit Saint Martin. The sea is calm in winter. Due to which one can safely travel to Saint Martin. How many cruise ships operate

from Teknaf for Trips to Saint Martin? These ships usually operate from November to February. During these times you can travel to Saint Martin by various tourist ships.

St. Martin has many beautiful resorts and restaurants. A little to the south of this island is Chhenra Island. If you go to the island, you can enjoy the beauty of Chera Island.

Saint Martin’s dishes include a variety of seafood. Another name for Saint Martin is Coconut Ginger. There are some good times to visit Saint Martin.

Traveling to Saint Martin outside of these times is risky.  For example, November to February is the best time to visit Saint Martin. Outside of these times,

Saint Martin has very few tourists. Also, no tourist ships operate outside these hours. But recently a ship goes from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin.

It carries tourists to and from St. Martin during the rest of the season except the rainy season. But it is very unsafe and risky to go to Saint Martin by this ship except in winter.