Saint Martin Ship Ticket Online Booking & Ticket Price 2024

Saint Martin is one of the tourist centers of Bangladesh. It is a coral island located in the southernmost part of Bangladesh. Many tourists from home and abroad go to visit this island.

And you have to go to this island by crossing the Bay of Bengal. For which ships ply from Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf to Saint Martin. And today we will discuss in this post

about the online ticket booking of ships that go to St. Martin, they sometimes go from Teknaf to St. Martin and the ticket prices of these ships.

If you are interested in knowing the details of all these topics then stay with this post. By reading our complete post, you will know various information about Saint Martin.

Saint Martin is the name of an island in the Bay of Bengal. If you want to go to this island, you have to go by ship. And many ships ply from Teknaf and Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin.

Tickets are required to travel on each ship. No one can board the ship without a ticket. And all these ships have different categories of tickets.

Everyone can choose the ship of their choice and buy tickets of different categories of those ships. If you want to buy tickets for St. Martin’s ships, you can book tickets

for any seat of your choice online from the website Many people from our country and outside the country want to visit Saint Martin to enjoy its beauty.

For which all have to board St. Martin’s ships from Teknaf. How many ships go from Teknaf to Saint Martin? Among the ships, Carey Sindbad departs

from Teknaf to St. Martin at 9:00 AM and arrives at Teknaf from St. Martin at 3:00 PM. Carey Cruise & Dine sails from Teknaf to St. Martin at 9:30 AM and returns

from St. Martin to Teknaf at 3:00 PM. ST Sukantababu departs Teknaf for Saint Martin at the same time as Carey Cruise & Dine and Sindbad. Again left for Teknaf from Saint Martin.

St Martin’s ships from Teknaf include LCT Kutubdia, ST Sukant Babu, Carey Cruise & Dine and Carey Sindbad. These ships have different categories of tickets.

The price also varies according to the type of ticket. For example, LCT Kutubdia ship’s Open Deck ticket costs 550 taka, Royal Lounge ticket costs 900 taka

and Lux ​​Lounge ticket costs 1200 taka. Sindbad ship main deck ticket is 550 taka, open deck ticket is 700 taka and bridge deck ticket is 800 taka.

Apart from these two ships, we have discussed in detail about the tickets of other ships in other posts. You can read other posts on our website if you want.