Saint Martin Ship Open Time 2024, Start Date, Schedule

We will discuss in this post today about St. Martin ship or ships open time or some times ships operate in St. Martin. We will also discuss ticket prices and online ticket booking for Saint Martin ships.

If you are interested in knowing all these details then read this post carefully. By reading this post of ours you will know various information about St. Martin’s ships.

Saint Martin Island is one of the tourist centers of Bangladesh. It is a coral island in Bangladesh. The area of ​​this island is 8 square kilometers.

Many tourists from outside the country including our country come to visit this island. Saint Martin is one of the other islands of Bangladesh. This island is located in the Bay of Bengal,

a few kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar. The beauty of the sea can be enjoyed by visiting this island. The island also offers a beautiful view of sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening.

And to take tourists to St. Martin, many tourist ships of different companies sail to St. Martin. Usually, in winter these ships carry tourists to and from St. Martin.

Except in winter, due to the turbulent sea water, these ships are closed at other times. Because of which the arrival of tourists in Saint Martin is very less except during winter

or from November to February. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Saint Martin then winter is the best time for you to visit. During this time you can safely cross the sea to Saint Martin

and make your trip enjoyable. A number of Shivas or ships ply from Teknaf to St. Martin to ferry tourists to and from St. Martin. Many people are interested to know the ticket

price of the ships to travel to Saint Martin on these ships. So we have discussed the Saint Martin ship ticket price in this post. Carey Cruise & Dine is one of the ships

that sail to St. Martin. Open deck ticket price of this ship is 1000 taka, main deck ticket price is 1400 taka and bridge deck ticket price is 1000 taka. There is also LCT Qutubdia ship.

The Open Deck ticket of this ship is 550 taka, Royal Lounge 900 taka and Luxu Lounge ticket is 1200 taka. Carey Sindbad ship main deck ticket is 559 taka,

open deck ticket is 700 taka and bridge deck ticket is 800 taka. All the ships of St. Martin can be booked online. If you want to make your trip to St. Martin more enjoyable by boat, you can take a trip

on any of the ships in St. Martin. For online ticket booking of these ships you need to visit the website You can do online ticket booking for Saint Martin ship from this website.