Saint Martin Open Time 2024 & Off Season (বিস্তারিত দেখুন)

Are you interested in knowing about Saint Martin Island? If you are interested to know about this island then this post is for you. Today in our post we will discuss

the open time of St. Martin Island or when the island is more suitable as a tourist destination and also the tickets for the ships that ply to St. Martin Island.

If you read this post of ours carefully then you will get to know various information about Saint Martin Island. Saint Martin Island is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Bangladesh.

This island is located in the Bay of Bengal, a few kilometers from Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf. Its area is about 8 km. The island is one of the tourist destinations to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

It is a coral island located in the southernmost part of Bangladesh. Saint Martin Island is one of the other islands of Bangladesh. There are certain timings to visit this island.

These are the best times to visit the island. To travel to St. Martin Island, many people are interested in knowing the island’s open hours or when is the best time to visit the island.

So in this post we have discussed all these issues in detail. Generally, the sea is calm in winter. And at this time the sea is navigable and safe to go to St. Martin.

Except in winter, no ships operate from Tecna to Saint Martin except during the months of November to February. But nowadays a ship goes from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin.

Its name is Karnaphuli Express. This ship sails to and from St. Martin most of the year. However, it is very unsafe and risky to cross the sea to St. Martin at any time other than winter.

St. Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh. If you go to this island, you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding sea. Also the evening sunset

and early morning sunrise from this island is very beautiful. The island is surrounded by blue water. The local name of this island is Narikael Jhinjira. The island has a variety of resorts,

along with a variety of restaurants and hotels. If you go to Saint Martin from Cox’s Bazar or Teknaf except in winter, you can go there by boat or trawler.

A little to the south of this St. Martin is the Ragged Island. The beauty of Chera Island can also be enjoyed by going to Saint Martin. To travel to St. Martin Island,

many people want to know about the tickets for the ships that ply to the island. So we have discussed all these issues in detail in this post. Several companies operate ships

to the island of St. Martin. But they operate only in winter i.e. from November to February. Among these ships are Carey Sindbad, Carey Cruise & Dine, LCT Kutubdia,

ST Sukant Babu, Bay Cruiser One, Bay One Cruise, Karnaphuli Express etc. These ships have different categories of tickets. Everyone can book tickets

for any ship of their choice. But all the ships have some website for booking tickets. You can book tickets for the seat of your choice by entering the website of the ships.