Rocket Cash Out Charge 2024 [1000, 500, Calculator, Cash Out Limit Per Day]

Dutch Bangla Bank’s digital transaction name is Rocket. Rocket is used for all types of tasks including banking job taka deposit through Rocket. Now for those of you who use Rocket regularly.

You must visit the internet to know your cash out charges and other charges. From now on I will discuss the detailed information about the rules of sending taka to the bank.

You will understand if you read the article carefully from the beginning to the end. The procedure for sending taka to bank from Rocket is very simple. You can do it in a short time.

First, login to the Rocket account as usual with your number and PIN through the app. Once the login is done, follow the steps shown below step by step. Today we present to you through this post

how much is the cash out charge. I will discuss the details about it. Cash out charges for your cash are similar to other mobile banking cash out charges. But there are several differences.

Rocket Cash Out Charges from Rocket Agents If you cash out from Rocket Agents. Then you have to spend 16.70 taka per thousand. Including VAT and other charges.

If you want to know more detailed information. Find out by visiting the article on our website. So I would say that if there is a branch or ATM of DBBL near your house then withdraw taka from the ATM or branch.

One more thing to note. That is if you withdraw taka from ATM. Then you have to withdraw minimum 500 taka. You can’t withdraw less than that.

Do you want to know how much taka is required to cash out from Rocket Agent? Today we will discuss it in front of you through this post. Rocket’s cash out charge for General Consumer

Account General Personal Account customers is 1.18 percent. That means you have to pay cash out charge of 18 taka per thousand from General Rocket account. But if you withdraw taka from your

Rocket Cash Out Charge

Rocket account from Dutch Bangla Bank ATM booth. But you will be charged 9 taka per thousand. Hope friends through the post I will tell you how much cash out charge from Rocket account.

I was able to provide detailed information. Today, through this post, we are going to tell you how much Rocket’s cash out charge is. I will discuss the details about that.

Rocket’s cash out and cash in charge is 1.18 percent from Free Rocket. Rocket cash out from any ATM booth will cost you 0.9%. However, Rocket account cash out charges are slightly different.

When a typical customer cashes out Rocket agent points, the Rocket account will be charged at the rate of 1.8 percent or 18 taka per thousand.