Robi SMS Pack 2 TK 2024 Code [100 SMS for 30 Days]

We need SMS packages for different needs. For those of you who use Robi SIM, Robi SIM offers you various SMS packages. Today we will discuss various packages of Robi SIM in front of you through this post.

Robi SIM gives you only 2 taka for ten sms. How to activate your package. Keep an eye on our website to know that. If you want, you can activate this package by dialing My Robi app or USSD code.

You can activate the package of 200 SMS by dialing *123*2*7*1# at home. You will activate the package in a very short time. So guys let’s start the main discussion.

Robi 500 sms pack 10 taka 500 sms for 30 days dial *123*2*7*2# any operator. Now you are getting only 20 taka 1500 sms on Robi, send sms to any operator all over Bangladesh, dial * 123*2*7*3# to get the offer

for 30 days. In Robi you get five taka 100 sms which will be valid for two days. To activate package dial this code *8666*5555# To activate dial *123*6*5*8# or recharge 10 Tk.

Visit the Internet many times to find out about Robi’s 2 taka 30 days various sms packages. Through this post, I will discuss it in front of you 200 sms pack, 5 Tk, validity 30 days sms can be sent to any operator number.

To buy this SMS offer dial: *123*2*7*1# Robi 1500 SMS offer rate 20 Tk, validity 30 days SMS can be sent to any number. Dial *123*2*7*3# to purchase Robi Monthly SMS Pack.

Robi SMS Pack 2 TK

Robi SMS Purchase Code 2023 given in this article. Robi provides low cost SMS packs to its customers. Robi has facility to buy 5 Tk 10 Tk and 20 taka 100, 200 and 500 sms

Robi 15 taka 250 sms purchase code 7 day activation code *121*6*5*1*1# Those who need weekly sms can get 15 Tka 250 sms on Robi sim. Robi 3 Tk 20 SMS Offer Activation Code *123*6*5#

Those who want to buy small number of SMS for urgent needs can avail Robi 3 Tk 20 SMS offer. Robi 10 taka 450 sms purchase code validity 30 days activation code *121*2*7*2*1#.

One month or 30 days of Robi SIM for those who need more SMS throughout the month. Another popular SMS offer for the period is 10 Tk 450 SMS.