Robi Offer Check Code 2024 [Internet, Minute, SMS, Bundle]

Various Robi SIM offers need to be checked. We buy internet offers, minutes offers, various bundle offers and combo offers at Robi SIM. Now we need to know the remainder after we use them.

So today through this post I will show you how to check various Robi offers. I will discuss about that. Robi you can check different two ways. One is through SMS or using robi app.

So friends let’s know the detailed information about it and know how to check it yourself. Robi offers can be checked according to one method. To check Robi’s offer, you first need to go

to the dial option of the mobile. Go there and dial *121#. Then select your Robi SIM and you will get an option called Robi Comb and Internet Pack. You will put the number written next to that

option in their cell and click on send. Next, what kind of offers are there on your SIM? You will know that. Besides, if you through My Robi app. Want to check your offer?

Then download it from Google Play Store using My Robi app. Those of you who are interested to know about Robi internet offers. This is our post today for them. Through this, I will discuss several

Robi internet packages for a period of 30 days. If you want to enjoy the internet pack, you can activate any package. In Robi you can get 30 GB internet offer for 30 days only 399 taka.

Which will have a duration of 30. Dial *121*3*3*0# to activate this great offer. Besides, you can also activate this package using My Robi app. So friends have understood today’s article.

Robi Offer Check

What kind of internet package are you getting under your SIM? You can check it at home if you want. Get to know about this package and this offer by dialing the USSD code or using the mobile app.

If you want you can purchase 45 GB internet for 30 days only. We are all aware that currently the internet packages are being offered by mobile companies.

Among them, the maximum duration of the internet package is 30 days. To activate this internet package for a period of 30 days you have to spend 598 taka. 50 GB Robi Internet is available

for just 449 taka which will be valid for 30 days only. You can purchase the offers in our Robi monthly internet offer list published here directly through Robi Ghechang recharge.