Robi Emergency SMS Code 2024

Good news for Robi customers. Because today we are going to mention the very popular information of Robi through its article. All Robi prepaid customers can get instant balance service.

If you want to get instant balance, you must dial a specific code. Today we will inform you through this article. How to receive Grameen Phone Emergency SMS. I hope you will know all your information by reading this article. So

For your convenience, today we will share all your information through screenshots. You will be able to know this information from the beginning to the end of the article. So friends, let’s not exaggerate, let’s start today’s article.

Robi Emergency SMS Code 2024

Those of you who want to take different SMS. I will inform that information. SMS service is an integral part of our lives. For various needs, we use SMS to send friend-friendly greeting messages.

But if your phone’s SMS suddenly ends. Or the balance runs out. Then you can take emergency SMS loan from Robi. In addition, all prepaid users in Arabia will be able to enjoy an emergency balance of up to 100 taka.

If you want to take Robi Emergency Balance. Then dial the following * 8811 * 1 #. Then you will get your emergency balance. I hope you like it.

robi emergency sms loan code

All Robi prepaid customers can enjoy instant balance services (excluding Odd, Easy Load and Corporate). A customer can get emergency balance up to 100 taka. Once the balance is exhausted, in case of emergency, Robi Instant Balance can be used for necessary calls or SMS.

Robi Emergency SMS Code 2024

Now, customers can get Robi Emergency Internet Balance or Internet Pack 25 MB for only 10 taka. For Emergency Balance Service registration, just type “START” and send it to 8811.

And, if you want to get instant balance, type STOP and send to 8811. Also, dial * 123 * 007 #. After dialing the code, you will receive a confirmation code. Robi loan account balance is valid for 30 days.

how to get robi emergency sms loan

Hello friends, those of you who want to take Rob’s Emergency Balance. You can get this information from our website. Today we will tell you how to get Robi 200 taka emergency balance through this article.

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You know that Robi prepaid customers get Emergency Balance from a minimum of 10 taka to 200 taka. However, depending on the customer, you can get up to 200 MB of emergency balance. To get 25MB 10tk internet data pack dial * 8811 * 11 # or send START 25 to 8811 25 MB.

2 days validity. To check internet balance dial * 8444 * 88 # from emergency balance for customer dial * 8811 * 1 * 1 * 1 # or send start to 8811. I hope you understand through this article.