Robi MB Loan Code 2024

Those of you who are Robi customers. Many of them want to know all this. How to get emergency data loan on Robi. I will present that information to you. Sometimes there is an emergency in Robi in case of emergency.

But many do not know it. So today we will let you know through this article how you can take emergency loan. One is by dialing the USSD code. However, it is easiest to take a data loan in MB by dialing USSD code.

We will try to give you the information through a screenshot. I hope you like it. So friends, let’s not talk, let’s start today’s registration.

Robi MB Loan Code 2024

Internet loan is an important issue that every user should know. If you want to get an emergency internet loan, you need to follow this section. In 2024 Robi dials its user’s internet loan in two ways SMS and USSD code.

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Here, I am discussing two methods in the updated information so that you can easily take an internet loan by dialing * 8811 * 11 #. You will get your data loan after dialing. Besides, if you want, you can take internet loan through SMS.

You must first go to the SMS option. Note that you will get 15 taka 50 megabytes, 15 taka 100 megabytes, 200 megabytes 20 taka, and 250 megawatts 25 taka internet. Next time you recharge. If there is balance then this taka will be deducted.

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Today we will show you how to take Emergency Data Loan in Robi SIM through this registration. He will let you know. You can get internet data loan through SMS and by dialing USSD code. In this case, you will receive megabytes.

Robi MB Loan Code 2024

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An equal amount of taka will be deducted after the next recharge. Note that you will get 50MB, 100MB, 200MB and 250MB loans in your Robi SIM.

Then, friends, I informed you all the information through registration. I hope you have no problem. You can check the internet by dialing a code. All you have to do is dial * 3 # code.

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Friends, today we will show you how to get an internet loan on Robi through this registration. I will inform that information. Read the article carefully from beginning to end. You can take a different Robi package internet loan.

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If you take a 50 MB loan, 10 taka will be deducted from the original balance after recharging later. This way you will get maximum 50 MB data loan. The next 25 taka will be deducted from your balance. You will also receive 25 MB Robi Emergency Balance for 2 days.

You will need to send an SMS to receive this service. However, you must send “START 25” to 8811. Or you can dial * 8811 * 11 #. If you want to check emergency balance, you need to dial * 3 #.