Rangpur Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking, Number, Route, SMS Code

Rangpur Express is one of the passenger trains that are currently running in our country. Today in our post we will discuss about Rangpur Express train schedule, ticket price and off days.

If you are interested to know Rangpur Express train schedule or time list and how much is the ticket price of this train and on which days this train is closed then read our post

from the beginning to the end with full attention. By reading this post of ours with full attention, you will get to know all these details in detail. Our country currently has many railways built.

rangpur express train schedule from dhaka

Due to which one can travel by train from one end of the country to the other end. And for this now there is a lot of demand for trains in our country. Train is one of the safest vehicles in our country.

Traveling by train saves time. Due to which many people now choose train as the mode of transportation for long distance travel. And Rangpur Express train is one of the trains of our country.

Many people want to know the schedule of this train to travel in this train. And so today we have discussed Rangpur Express Train Schedule in our post. People travel from Dhaka to Rangpur

rangpur express train ticket price

and from Rangpur to Dhaka by Rangpur Express train. This train departs from Dhaka to Rangpur with passengers at 9:10 and reaches Rangpur at 19:5.

Again departs Rangpur for Dhaka at 20:10 and reaches Dhaka at 6:10. This train takes station breaks at several more stations. Eg – Airport, Chathamana, Natore, Santahar, Sonatala, Bonapara,

Gaibandha, Bamondanga Peergacha. As every train in our country requires a ticket, Rangpur Express also requires a ticket. There are several types of Rangpur Express train tickets.

rangpur express train ticket booking

All these tickets have different prices. No one can travel by train without a ticket. Rangpur Express train tickets are priced at 390 taka for Suvan,

465 taka for Suvan chair, 620 taka for Snigdha and 936 taka for AC seats. How many posts have been published on our website about the ticket prices of other trains.

If you are interested to know the ticket price of trains other than Rangpur Express train then read other posts on our website.

rangpur express train number, route, sms code

Like every train, Rangpur train has some holidays. The off days of this train are Sunday and Tuesday. This train is closed on these two days.

The Rangpur Express train does not carry any passengers on this day. Apart from Rangpur Express train, we have published several

other posts about other trains on our website. If you are interested to know about all other trains then you can read our other posts.