Bangladesh Railway Time Table 2024 PDF [Kamalapur Train Schedule]

For safe travel it is best to travel by rail or train. Today through this post we will discuss about the various schedules of Bangladesh Railways in front of you.

Various Kamalapur computers of Bangladesh Railways are recovered from railway station at any time. I will try to discuss his detailed schedule in front of you through this post.

You can get detailed information about the train schedule of northern region and western region of Bangladesh by visiting our website. Besides, all the intercity trains

and local trains of Bangladesh will know the problem. Read article by article carefully from the beginning to the end and here is the detailed information.

There are intercity trains from Dhaka to Rajshahi. Those trains Dhumketu Express Silkcity Express and Padma Express run daily regularly from Dhaka to Rajshahi Road.

Emni Dhumketu Express train arrives and leaves Kamalapu at 6 am and Silkcity Express train leaves for Rajshahi from 2:40 pm and Padma Express train leaves

from Kamalapur railway station at 11:10 pm. In addition, the Sundarban Express train leaves at 8:15 am and the Dinajpur-bound Ekta Express train leaves at 10 am.

Those of you who want to travel from Dhaka to Chittagong route. To know about trains from Dhaka to Chittagong Road, search on the internet. Today we will discuss detailed information

in front of you through this post. Read the article carefully from the beginning to the end. There are Godhuli Express trains from Dhaka along with Sonar Bangla Express

and four intercity trains ply from Dhaka to Chittagong Road. Intercity trains run in the morning and afternoon and at night. There is another train called Sonar Bangla Express.

The Sonar Bangla Express departs directly from Kamalapur railway station to Chittagong. No breaks are given in between. I hope that through this post I have been able to provide you with detailed information.

Bangladesh Railway Time Table 2024

If you want more information. stay with us. Today, through this post, we will discuss the schedule of Dhaka to Chittagong intercity trains. Distance of intercity trains on Dhaka to Chittagong route is 295 km.

You can travel with a minimum of 380 taka. Besides, separate seats have been fixed for other seats. For example, the Suvarna Express train leaves from Dhaka Kamalapur

railway station. 4:30 PM and reached Chittagong at 9:50 AM. On the opposite route, Subarna Express departs from Chittagong Railway Station at 7 am for Dhaka

and reaches the destination at 12 20 pm. I hope I was able to answer your desired questions through the post. If you want more information. Stay with us and find out.