Popular Shantinagar Contact Number, Doctor List, Serial Number, Appointment

Today we will inform you about Popular Shantinagar Diagnostic Center branch through this post. You know that you may need to contact Popular Shantinagar Diagnostic Center for any type of treatment or test.

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Aman, a private diagnostic center in Bangladesh, is the largest popular diagnostic center in Bangladesh. If you are a resident of Dhaka. Then you can get consultation and treatment from

the specialist doctor of popular diagnostic center in your city. I am attaching the contract number of specialist doctor of this popular diagnostic center Shantinagar, Dhaka.

Through today’s article, I will discuss the details in front of you. Popular Diagnostic Center Shantinagar Dhaka does not know the location. So I will discuss it in front of you through this post today.

Address Level Four, Building 15, Shantinagar, Motijheel, Dhaka. I am also giving you the hotline number. Hotline: 09613 787803 09666 787803 Assistant Professor Dr. Sormin Sumi, MBBS,

FCPS (Surgery) Specialty: Burn Plastic Surgery Specialist, Branch: Shantinagar Hope friends through this post I have given you details about the list of doctors in Popular Diagnostic Center Shantinagar.

Do you want to know Popular Diagnostic Center Shantinagar branch address? Then you can contact that number. Through this post, I will discuss the detailed information about the address

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Popular Shantinagar Contact Number

All types of specialist doctors in gynecology, paediatrics, paediatrics are available here. So I hope today’s article is going to be very important for you.

Friends, do you want to know about the list of different doctors of Popular Diagnostic Center? So through today’s article I will discuss detailed information about the list of popular specialist doctors of Popular Diagnostic Center.

There are several popular doctors here. Anwar, MBBS Gynaecology, Diploma in Ultrasonography, Obstetrics Gynecology Branch Shantinagar. Dr. Meherunnessa Alam Chowdhury,

MBPS, FCPS, Specialization. Prof. Dr. Jahangir Alam, MBBS DCH, Specialty, Branch Shantinagar, Chamber: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Besides, if you want to know the list of other types of specialist doctors,

you have to keep an eye on our website. Besides, if you want, you can get one of the most successful quality treatments here. You can also do different types of tests. There are state-of-the-art machines here.