Popular Medical Centre Sylhet: Doctor List, Helpline Number, Address, Appointment, Test Price

Bangladesh has made a lot of progress in medical services at present. Significant improvement in government medical services as well as private medical services. There was a time when the

people of Bangladesh used to migrate abroad for better treatment. Now is not the time. Now the people of Bangladesh are able to receive higher treatment in Bangladesh.

Today we will discuss about Popular Medical Center branch. If you are interested to know the address of different hospital clinics, doctor list then check out our other posts.

We have published hotline numbers, contact numbers and addresses of various hospitals including our website name. The standard of treatment in all public

and private sectors of Bangladesh has improved a lot. There was a time when people from Bangladesh used to come to Chennai, India including Thailand, Singapore, London, USA

for higher education. Now is not the time. Now the people of Bangladesh can receive quality medical services in Bangladesh. Again at a relatively low cost.

One such hospital is Popular Medical Center. Popular Medical Center has several branches. One of its branches is Sylhet. Popular Medical Center is one of the few notable hospitals in Bangladesh.

Several hospitals in the country like United Hospital, Popular Diagnostic Center, Padma Diagnostic Center etc. are notable. Many more such private medical centers

in Bangladesh offer advanced services. Besides, government treatment is not lagging behind now. Many government hospitals in Bangladesh now provide

advanced medical services. For example- Dhaka Medical Hospital Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Hospital, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Hospital and many more hospitals.

Popular Medical Center has several branches. One of its notable branches is Sylhet. There have been several branches all over Bangladesh.

They also have branches in Sylhet. If you want to see a Popular Medical Center doctor from Sylhet or receive medical services, you can contact their phone number or mobile number.

Moreover, the Popular Medical Center is located at the following address in Sylhet. You can contact their hospital if you want. Their outdoor activities are open every day from 8 am to 11 pm.

New Medical Road Kajolshah, Sylhet. Phone:+880821725227, Mobile: +8801715084078, Website: http://popularsylhet.com, Open Hours: 8.0 AM – 11 PM.

Popular Medical Center Sylhet is visited by a number of notable and specialist doctors and see patients. You must contact the Popular Medical Center if you would like to see

all those doctors or the services of a doctor. Popular Medical Center Sylhet Branch has several more specialist doctors. Here are just a few of the notable doctors:

DR. Shishir R Chakraborty






If you want to know more about all those doctors then call Popular Medical Center mobile number or phone number and discuss the matter with them in detail.

You can call their mobile number or phone number to make a doctor’s appointment. If you want to know different information about all other hospitals, check out our other posts.