Parabat Express Train Schedule, Ticket Booking, Off Day, Tracking, Route

In today’s post we will discuss about the Parabat Express train. You can know all the information you need to know for your trip through this post. In this post you will know Parabat Express train schedule,

ticket and fare list, Parabat Express train schedule departure time, holidays and arrival time. Parabat Express Train is an intercity train of Bangladesh Railway service, which runs between the capital

Dhaka and Sylhet railway station in Sylhet district. It departs from Kamalapur to Sylhet station and is one of the fast and luxurious trains in Bangladesh. This train service was started in 1986.

parabat express train schedule

Parabat Express train has a traveling distance of 319 km, it is a 2900 class locomotive with eight chair cars, two AC chair cars, two AC cabin cars, one non AC car fleet, one generator car with buffet car,

two guard brake car fleet. All types of people can travel from Dhaka to Sylhet and Sylhet at very low fare and fast by Parabat Express Train. Parabat Express operates on Dhaka to Sylhet

route six days a week and Tuesday is the train’s weekend day. Every day many people travel by Parabat Express train from Dhaka to Sylhet and Sylhet to Dhaka. The reason why trains are mainly

parabat express ticket booking

used by everyone to go to distant destinations is that the train does not stop at the stations which are in the middle of the journey from Dhaka to Sylhet. Every train departs from its destination on time,

but if the train is delayed due to various reasons, then the train departs late. But since it is an intercity train, this train does not stop for other trains due to which it may reach the destination on time.

We will try to present all the information before you according to the time set by our government. Parabat express train from Dhaka to Sylhet departs from Dhaka Kamalapur railway station at 6:20 minutes

parabat express off day, ticket price

and reaches its destination at 1:10 minutes, while Parabat express train from Sylhet to Dhaka departs from Sylhet railway station at 3:45 minutes and reaches its destination at 1:10 minutes.

Arrive at 10:40 PM. Parabat Express train stops at several stations en route. Names and times are mentioned themselves: Dhaka to Sylhet journey time: Airport 6:47, Baral Bridge 7:30,

Brahmanbaria 8:16, Azimpur 8:40, Noapara 9:20, Shaistaganj 9:49, Srimangal 10:30, Bhanu tree 11:00, Kulaura 11:27, Maizgaon 12:10. You have already traveled from Dhaka to Sylhet and Sylhet to Dhaka,

parabat express sylhet to dhaka time, tracking

they might have heard about this train. Now we will discuss the fare list of Parabat Express train. The ticket fare is fixed at 135 taka.

175 taka is fixed ticket price for soft seats. 253 taka decorative chair. Rules for online ticketing have been outlined for the convenience of passengers in ticketing – informed

about the new method of purchasing tickets in the e-ticketing system. In that case, Bangladesh Railway will only register once on the railway website.