Pan Pacific Hospital: Doctor List, Contact Number, Address, Serial Number, Appointment

As time goes on we are becoming a more developed nation. There was a time when people would not go anywhere if they found cholera. People would not leave the house for fear.

Because then the whole village would be affected by cholera and thousands of people would die. Now we are improving. Now we are civilized. Being educated ourselves.

We are educating others ourselves. We are trying to protect ourselves and keep the country safe. That is why we are now becoming a developed nation. One of the means of improving

our nation is the development of medical system. Today we will discuss about this. The medical system in Bangladesh has improved. Today we will talk about Pan Pacific Hospital.

If you are interested to know about this hospital, then read our post carefully. In this post, the address, mobile number and doctor list of Pan Pacific Hospital have been published.

You can find out by reading the entire post. There was a time when we used to travel to Thailand, Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia, United Kingdom,

United States, Chennai, India for advanced treatment. Times have changed. Now we are getting advanced medical services in our country. Bangladesh is developing a lot now.

High quality medical services are now available in various public and private hospitals of the country. Government Hospital Dhaka Medical College Hospital,

Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Hospital, Mugda Hospital. Speaking of private hospitals, Panpecific Hospital, United Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Square Hospital,

Padma Diagnostic Center, Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center, Popular Diagnostic Center and many more hospitals and diagnostic centers are going to Dhaka division.

At present advanced treatment is available not only in Dhaka division but also in different divisions outside Dhaka. Pan Pan Pacific Hospital is located at Motijheel, Dhaka.

The detailed address of this hospital is: 24, Outer Circular Road, Motijheel (PirJongi Mazer- Shajahanpur) Dhaka-1217. If you want, you can make an appointment

by calling the hospital or find out the details. For that you need to contact the following numbers Phone: 49349794, 9351777, 58311131, Mobile: +8801716367153.

If you wish you can email them. Their email address is the website: Pan Pan Pacific Hospital is one of the most advanced private sector hospitals in Bangladesh.

The hospital is located in Motijheel. Many specialist doctors sit in this hospital. If you want to see all those doctors, you must contact

Pan Pan Pacific Hospital’s hotline  and make an appointment. In many cases, many of my doctors have to make an appointment two days in advance.

So you must keep in mind which doctor to see. We have mentioned the names of several doctors in our post today. You can see those names if you want. They are:

Dr. Md. Mazharul Shahin

Dr. Aminul Hoque

Dr. A.K.M Aminul Haque

Dr. Abhijit Pandit

Dr. M.A. Kabir

Here are a few of the names mentioned. Several more doctors sit at Pan Pan Pacific Hospital. If you want to know the details about all those doctors, contact their office hotline number.