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Bangladesh is slowly raising its head to the world. One of its reflections is our Padma Bridge. Our Padma Bridge is a great symbol of the transition from a least developed country to a developing country.

On June 25, the Padma Bridge was opened to the public. The Padma Bridge met the long standing demands of the people of North and West Bengal and alleviated their suffering.

Earlier, it used to take a minimum of 7 to 9 hours to cross the ferry from Dhaka to Barisal. But at present it is possible to reach Barisal from Dhaka in just 3 hours by bridge.

Padma Bridge Toll Rate 2024

You can check it out from our website. How much taka has been fixed for different vehicles of Padma bridge. Many of you want to know about it. Tell us this post. So friends, let’s take a look

at how much taka of Padma bridge has been fixed at present. How much taka toll has to be paid to cross Padma bridge. This has been determined by the Ministry

of Bridges of Bangladesh. Today we are sharing all the information through this post. On June 25, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Padma Bridge.

padma bridge toll collection

The bridge has been opened to the public since 6 am on Sunday. For this reason, the launch of the bridge will connect Dhaka with the people of 21 districts in the southern part of Bangladesh,

as well as reduce the distance between Dhaka and Kolkata and The economy of the area will be boosted. The 6-kilometer bridge has two lanes with two floors.

Other vehicles will run upstairs and trains will run downstairs. The dream Padma Bridge has been built according to such a design. Today I know through this post

padma bridge toll rate bangla

or how much taka toll has been fixed from Bangladesh Bridge Corporation. 100 taka for motorcycle crossing, 750 taka for bus, 1200 taka for pickup van, 1300 taka for microbus,

14 taka for minibus, 2000 for medium size bus, 2400 taka for big buses and 6000 taka for trucks up to five cells and 2100 taka for 5 to 8 tons. 8 to 11 ton truck takes 2600 taka toll.

In case of four axle trawlers 6,000 taka and above it will cost 1500 taka per axle. Padma Bridge of Dreams Padma Bridge of Bangladesh with its own funds. In 2012, when the World Bank

padma bridge toll company

stopped financing the Padma Bridge. Then our Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took the initiative to build the Padma Bridge with her own funds. The Padma Bridge has been opened to the public since June 25, 2024

and June 26, 2024. But you must know how much taka has been fixed for Padma bridge at present. It has been informed that the toll of this 6.15 km long bridge will be collected digitally.

If the radio frequency identification RFID card is in the vehicle, the specific taka will be deducted automatically through the device in the toll booth. The toll will be collected in a very short time, officials said.