Online Train Ticket BD Registration & Ticket Booking [এখুনি ক্লিক করুন]

Today in this post we have tried to guide you, well how or how long in advance train tickets can be booked and all the related information and rules have been brought before you.

Only during Eid-ul-Azha and other festivals, train tickets can be purchased exactly 10 days in advance, but now-a-days generally you can purchase advance tickets exactly 5 days before departure.

Nowadays it is easiest to book train tickets at home so you need to follow some procedures. Hope you read the article carefully from the beginning to the end,

Online Train Ticket BD

you can buy Eid tickets in advance just five days before the journey. But in this case, buy the train ticket from your counter or online.

But it should be kept in mind that an additional 20 taka service charge has to be paid against each seat. A rail passenger can issue his advance ticket up to 5 days in advance

and if he wants to return the ticket he has to return the ticket 48 hours before deducting the service charge. Of course, city service charges may vary for different categories.

www e-ticket railway gov bd login

Here they have also mentioned that 40 taka will be deducted for AC ticket service charge, 30 taka for first class and 25 taka

for others will be refunded in case of charge. Today we are trying to inform you through this post how to buy advance train tickets through

Easier to book train tickets through Sahag Earlier a province named CNSBD was involved in online train ticket booking. But currently, they can purchase

online train ticket bd registration

train tickets through The mode of buying train tickets has changed relatively little from earlier to present times. Voter ID card is not required as before.

But nowadays train tickets have to be bought. To purchase train tickets online you must visit the website

Then enter your place of departure and destination date of departure and in which class you wish to travel. You can purchase the train ticket by filling it out correctly.

Online train ticket booking time

Online train ticket booking has several restrictions regarding online train ticket booking time. To purchase train tickets online, you must go to the designated location.

Kamalapur railway station can buy train tickets from any station in Bangladesh. You can also buy train tickets online. You may need a handset

or smartphone with internet connection to purchase train tickets online. Now you can purchase your train ticket by following the next instructions.