OGTT Test Price in Bangladesh [IBN Sina, Popular Diagnostic Center]

If you have come to the internet and searched the internet to know about OGTT test. Our today’s article is for them. Through this post, I will show you how much money doctors charge for various tests

What is required and cost of different tests varies by hospital. I will discuss about that. Read the article carefully from the beginning to the end. Then you can know the detailed information about the reason for OGTT test.

And in case of any disease this test is required. Visit our website to find out. The full form of the OGTT is a test called the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test.

In order to accurately diagnose this test, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed, such as the patient’s lack of time, employment, etc. For various reasons,

doctors often cannot explain these details to patients. We doctors are often unable to explain these details to patients. No such instructions are given from the doctor’s diagnostic centers.

How much money is required for this test? Visit our website to know. To rule out diabetes, this test measures glucose levels first by taking blood from your body on an empty stomach.

Later you will be fed with 75 grams of glucose mixed with a glass of water. Then two hours later, blood will be drawn from your body again. The glucose content of these

two samples will then be measured. The doctor will inform you about whether you have diabetes by looking at the results of this test. So friends let’s know more details about it.

Three days before the OGTT test you must eat normal food or whatever you eat regularly. Eat so in these three days. During these three days if you eat carbohydrates like rice bread sugar etc.

OGTT Test Price in Bangladesh

more or less than other times. If you do this test, you will not get the correct result. So, of course, continue to eat normal food. The minimum price for doing this test at Ibn Sina Hospital is 200 to 400 taka.

However, the cost in government hospitals is less. 500 tk is fixed for you for this treatment at Popular Diagnostic Center. Do not give blood immediately before

going to the diagnostic center. After reaching there, rest for 30 minutes. Then give blood, after the first blood donation you will be given 75 grams of glucose in a glass of water.

After two hours, blood will be drawn from your body. All this time you will sit quietly in the chair. No smoking under any circumstances.