Nilsagor Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Tracking, Code, Seat Plan

Today in our post we will discuss about Nilsagor train. If you want to know the schedule of Nilsagor train, how much is the ticket price of the train, and when is the off day

or holiday of Nilsagor Express train, then you can read this post with full attention from the beginning to the end. If you read this post of ours with full attention you will know about

Nilsagor Express Train. Due to high demand of trains in our country, many trains are running. These trains carry passengers from one end of the country to the other

nilsagor train schedule from dhaka

and take them to their destination. And among these trains is the Nilsagor Express train. Currently, there are many vehicles in our country, many people travel to different places in these vehicles.

Among these vehicles, the train is a safe and comfortable vehicle. Traveling by train offers beautiful views of the outdoors and less risk. And for all these reasons, traveling by train has become very popular.

Many people want to know this train schedule to travel by Nilsagor train. And so we discussed this train schedule today in this post. Nilsagor Express train runs

nilsagar express train ticket price

from Dhaka to Chilahati and Chilahati to Dhaka. This train leaves Dhaka for Chilahati at 6:40 and leaves Chilahati for Dhaka at 20 hrs. In our country now, to travel by train, you have to buy a ticket.

No train can now travel without cricket. There are several types of Nilsagor Express train tickets. Each type of ticket costs a different amount.

For example, Suban ticket price is 360 taka, Shovan chair ticket price is 435 taka, Fast seat ticket price is 575 taka, Snigdha ticket price is 720 taka, First berth ticket price is 865 taka

Nilsagor Express Train Off Day

and AC berth ticket price is 1295 taka. If you want to buy Nilsagor Express train ticket then you can buy the ticket of your choice with

the mentioned prices and travel on the Nilsagor Express train. Almost every train in our country has some holidays. Trains stop on those days.

Nilsagor Express train also has holidays. But many people don’t know on which days the Nilsagor Express train stops. Nilsagor Express train holidays

nilsagor express train tracking, code, seat plan

are Sunday and Monday. Nilsagor Express trains are closed in our country on these two days. The Nilsagor Express train carries passengers

from several other stations to and from Dhaka and Chilahati. The stations are – Airport, Joydevpur, Bangabandhu

Bridge, Natore Asanganj, Santahar, Akkelpur, Jaipurhat, Birampur, Phulbari, Parvatipur, Shahedpur, Nilphamari, Domar.