Neuroscience Hospital Contact Number, Address Dhaka

Today’s post is going to be very important for you. Through the post, I have given you the list of doctors in neuroscience hospital with contact address and where neuroscience hospital is located.

Read the article carefully from the beginning to the end. Hope all kinds of problems will be solved. National Institute of Neuroscience and Hospital National Neuroscience Research Institute

and Hospital run by the Government of Bangladesh is located in Agargaon. Comprehensive neuroscience institute. 300 beds in a 10-storey building or Neuro Science Institute was fully

funded by the government in Agargaon in 2003. The project was taken up by the Ministry of Health to make a science institute. In 2009, the program was initiated to establish the country’s comprehensive

medical services for SS neurology and neurosurgery. Through this post, I will discuss before you about the contact address of Neuroscience Hospital. This hospital has Neurology Department,

Neuro Surgery Department, Neuro Physiology Department etc. You can visit Neuro Science Hospital for any medical treatment. Of course you need to know the list and contact address of neuro medicine doctors.

Due to various problems of our brain, we are referred to neuro medicine specialist Dr. Gon. Many times we have some complex problems in our brain such as brain imbalance is a big problem,

due to various brain problems we go to the experienced doctors, those doctors are called neurologists. Many of you turn to the internet to know about the list of neuroscience hospital doctors.

This is our small effort for them. The part of our brain skull is called neuron when there is brain hemorrhage or any other reason any part of human body has problems. Then our brain stops working.

When such problems occur, our brain becomes unbalanced and various problems arise. And to cure all these diseases we look for a well experienced neuro medicine specialist.

Neuroscience Hospital Contact Number

What you can get is neuro medicine hospital. Come to your internet and want to know the list of doctors in neuro medicine hospital and contact address. Through this post, I am discussing

in detail about the list of doctors in front of you. Dr. Nazrul Islam, Professor MBBS, MCPS, Neurology, Department of Head Senior Consultant,

Specialist Neuro Medicine Specialist, Dr. Gautam Talukder, MBBS, BCS, FCPS, Sylhet MAS Osmani Medical College and Hospital. Hope friends through this post I have been able

to give you some idea about the list of doctors in Neuro Science Medical Hospital. And if you want to know any information, you can visit our website.