Nagad Pin Reset Code, Link, Request Form [how to reset nagad pin number]

Nagad is the digital transaction name of postal department. Through Nagad and can be cashed out. Today we will tell you through this post. Nagad’s pin got locked for some reason. So how do you reset that PIN?

Know what to do if you forget your Nagad account pin number. Like other mobile banking services, Nagad is a mobile banking service. But compared to other mobile systems, Nagad services are available at relatively low cost.

Because of which if there is a Nagad account. But you can avail transaction services at lower price than them. But you forget your account PIN and are unable to use it. But today’s article is for you.

Through this post, I will show you what to do if you forget Nagad account pin. If Nagad forgets account PIN. But what you need to do is to call Nagad’s customer care.

Nagad’s customer care number is 16167. He will help you reset friend by calling here. But they want some information from you so that they can do it. Here they may ask for your ID information

or about your transactions with Nagad. Also, you can pay your account without calling. Can reset PIN. To reset Nagad register SIM card, NID card and account information.

Now you have to select Get Pin and select one. Then you have to give your nid number. Thus you will be asked to type your birthday year, registration, full digits. You have to send it.

Then whether you have any transaction from Nagad in last 90 days. It will be asked. Yes or give one. Then what kind of transaction did you do? A list will appear.

You can reset your Nagad account without calling customer care by dialing USSD code *167#. Even if you forgot your previous code, you can still do it.

How? Let’s check it out. First, you need to make sure that your Nagad registered mobile number is present in your mobile. From that SIM you need to dial *167#.

Then among the options that will appear in front of you, you have to type 8 for the option Pin Reset and send it. Now an OTP will be sent to your mobile number.

Nagad Pin Reset

Dialing *167# again within two minutes of its arrival will bring up an option to set the OTP. There you will get an option to reset your PIN after giving the OTP. Now you have many time to come to internet

how to reset nagad pin. Want to know about it. Today we will discuss it in front of you through this post. You can change Nagad account PIN using Nagad mobile app.

This can be done from Nagad Islamic account. These three change processes are outlined below. First you will see a text where you have forgotten your PIN number.

Click there and confirm your identity by calling Nagad helpline number 16167. They will want to know your NID number, date of birth and last transaction. Answer those.