Nagad Cash Out Charge 2024 [without App, with Vat]

Nagad is the digital transaction name of postal department. Now if you want you can transfer taka anywhere and bring remittance in very short time using Nagad through Bkash. But Nagad has another advantage.

Very few of them, today we present to you through this post how much is the cash out charge of Nagad. I will discuss the details. Read the article carefully from the beginning to the end

and then you will understand. Through the app. So guys let’s start the main discussion. The exit code you need is *167#. Cash out via USSD code at Nagad agent points will cost 12.99 taka per thousand.

VAT is applicable, but a charge of 12.190 taka will apply for withdrawal of 1000 taka. And the cost including VAT will be 14.98 taka. That is about 15 taka. Besides, you want to cash out in a very short time through the app.

Then follow new if you want to withdraw 1000 taka from nagad account. Then a total of 1 thousand fourteen and 98 taka will be deducted from your account.

Starting from a minimum of 50 taka to a maximum of 25000 taka per day, you can withdraw through cash out from the agent. You can cash out only 5 times a day. The amount of taka should be between 50 and 25 thousand taka.

A total of one lakh 50 thousand taka per month can be withdrawn cash out from the agent. Now you may be wondering how much taka is required to cash out Nagad. Today we will try to show you through this post.

Nagad Cash Out Charge

If you read the article carefully from the beginning to the end, you can understand it. Cash out through Nagad app is very less. You can cash out from Nagad account in two different ways.

One of these is by dialing the Nagad USSD code and the other is by using the Nagad app. If you transact taka by using Nagad app, extra charge of 9.99 taka will be applicable for every thousand taka cashed out excluding government VAT.

Now if this figure of taka is calculated including government VAT, then the cost per thousand taka will be 11.48 taka. Now you can cash out unlimited taka daily from Nagar.

There are several criteria and limitations to cash out from Nagad. You can withdraw 25 thousand taka maximum. However, the cash out charge limit has been set at 1 lakh 50 thousand taka for the entire month or per month.

Hope friends have understood today’s article. Through this post, I am presenting you the Nagad cash out charges in taka. I was able to discuss a detailed information about it.