Nagad Balance Check Number [how to check nagad balance without app]

Post department digital transaction name is Nagad now if you want to transact through Nagad. Then of course you want to know how much money there is in Nagad. You can check that.

Today we will try to show you through this post. How to Check Nagad Account Nagad Account can be checked in two ways. One is through the app and the other is by dialing the USSD code.

So guys let’s start the main discussion and see Nagad balance checking rules. First I will try to show you how to check Nagad balance by dialing USSD code.

Dial the USSD code. Follow to check balance. If you want to check Nagad balance by dialing the code, first you need to dial the code *167#. To check Nagad balance you need to enter My Nagad option.

As Nagad Affan is at number 7, you will write seven and send then one for balance inquiry and lastly click on cent button with pin and you can see your balance. Besides, I give you a screenshot.

You can check your Nagad balance by using this screenshot. Besides, it is very easy to check the balance through the app. For this you need to enter Nagad apps on your Android phone.

After entering you will see several things. Go there and you will see an option called Balance Inquiry. Press there to see how much money is in your account. Basically, this is how you can check your Nagad balance.

Hope friends have understood today’s article. Through this post I have discussed detailed information before you. Now if you want to change pin number of Nagad account.

You can do that today through this post, I will tell you how to check the pin number of Nagad. I will discuss its details. Firstly, USSD System: ie Nagad account viewing code *167# is dialed.

Nagad Balance Check

Second, how to view Nagad account with Nagad app. Before knowing the detailed rules for opening Nagad account step by step, let’s know briefly about the rules for opening Nagad account.

You can get all kinds of information about your Nagad by dialing this code *167#. Enter the Nagad dial code *167# and dial (from the SIM that has the Nagad account) Set a 4-digit PIN for your account security.

In numbers like, 3412. Now you will have two options. If you want to take profit from the money in the account, then write 1. If you don’t want to take profit, write 2 and send. Now you will get a confirmation message.

Byas, your Nagad account is done! In this way, you can easily know all the information about dialing this code of Nagad. See you again in the next post, not today.