Mouchak Market Off Day, Open Today, Closing Day, Location, Contact Number

Located in Mouchak Market, the heart of Dhaka city. Mouchak Market is located next to Magbazar and next to Rajarbagh. Mouchak Market is much older and much older.

Many come from far and wide to Mouchak Market. But you must know how long the Mouchak Market is closed weekly. Dhaka is the capital and center of Bangladesh.

However, you probably know that Dhaka has endless shopping centers and market diversity. So there is a lot of traffic jam and crowd in those markets and shopping malls.

Therefore, several zones have been created in Dhaka metropolis. However, what will you find in this article? Not to mention, that’s a great question. In that case, I am going to provide

and you are going to get all the relevant information. Read the article carefully and find out the answers to all your questions. In short, Dhaka has a huge population.

Due to this, traffic congestion and crowds have occupied many areas. Therefore, according to the zone, the government has decided to close the markets in Dhaka every week.

In particular, there are seven zones in Dhaka. Most importantly and a closing day has been set for everyone. Today we are going through this post about the off day

and opening day of the markets located in seven people of Dhaka city. I will discuss all the details. I hope you understand. Read the article carefully. I hope you understand.

Mouchak Market is located in Zone 3. Markets have weekly holidays on Thursdays and half-day holidays on Fridays. Many of you ask when Mouchak Market is open and when it is closed.

If you read today’s article carefully. Then you can understand about Mouchak market. Mouchak Market is open weekly from Saturday to Thursday.

This market is open from 10 am to 10 pm. Mouchak Market is open all night during the festival. Those of you who want to market in Mouchak Market.

They can of course go any day of the week except Thursdays and Fridays. Again many ask when is the weekly holiday of Mouchak Market. Today’s article is for you.

In addition to Mouchak Market, there is Anarkali Market behind it and Central Market next to it. So you and all other markets, including Mouchak Market, are closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Through this post, I have been able to give you all the information. I would like to get more information by visiting the website. Dhaka city is divided into 7 zones.

So it will not be possible for everyone to know and remember when any other market is open. Then you can come to our website in an alternative way to find out when the shopping mall is closed and when it is open.

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