Mohanagar Provati Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Code, Tracking, Stoppage

There is no other option for traveling by train. So today we will discuss the details of a popular intercity train in front of you through this post. Its name is Mohanagar Express.

The Mohanagar Express train is known as an inter-city train. This train runs regularly on Dhaka to Chittagong route. Those of you who travel regularly on Dhaka to Chittagong route.

They can definitely travel by Mohanagar Express train. Today we will discuss Mohanagar Express intercity train and try to present you all the information on this train.

mohanagar express dhaka to chittagong time schedule

Those who want to know all information about Mohanagar Express train must read our article carefully. Must read the article carefully from the beginning. Hope you can understand all the information.

Intercity Mohanagar Express train is a popular train. It offers many benefits to the passengers. Moreover, the train has several facilities including food facilities, separate places for prayers,

entertainment facilities, etc., which ensure the nation’s travel and enjoyment and safety. Those of you who want to travel by Mohanagar Express train.

mohanagar provati train ticket price

They must know about Mohanagar Express train schedule. Mohanagar Express train departs from Dhaka to Chittagong at 9:20 AM and reaches its destination at 4:50 PM.

And Academy Dhaka to Chittagong weekend timings are Sundays except Sundays train runs from Dhaka to Chittagong. Through this post I have given you detailed information.

On the other hand Chittagong to Dhaka Mohanagar Express train departs from Chittagong for Dhaka at 12:30 and the train reaches its destination at 7:10 minutes.

mohanagar provati train off day, code

Going to start today’s tune by welcoming everyone. Now it is known about Mohanagar Express schedule for going from Dhaka to Chittagong. Now through this post we will give all the information

about the fare list to various stations of Mohanagar Provati. The Mohanagar Express train stops at many stations on its way from Dhaka to Chittagong. Now we will mention about the names

and schedules of those break stations. Dhaka 9:20, Airport 9:40, Bhairab Bazar 11:05, Brahmanbaria 11:33, Akhaura 12:05, Comilla 1:47, Laksam 2:15, Feni 3:03, Chittagong 4:50. Min

mohanagar godhuli train tracking, stoppage

for Shovan Chair 265 taka and maximum fixed at 860 taka. Know which train services are closed one day a week. But Mohanagar Provati’s weekend is Sunday.

You can travel from Dhaka to Chittagong by booking ticket from six days of the week except Sunday. I hope that through this post I have been able to know

the detailed information about the train in front of you. And if you want to get any detailed information then visit the website and know about it.