Mohanagar Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Tracking, Code, Route

If you want to know about Mohanagar Express train and are searching about it online then you have come to the right place. In today’s post we will discuss about Mohanagar Express train schedule

and stop location, train ticket price and closure date. Mohanagar Express Train is an intercity train that first started its journey on 4 December 1985. The traveling distance of this train is 320 km.

Mohanagar Express intercity train operates on Chittagong to Kamalapur and Kamalapur to Chittagong routes. The train departs from Chittagong at 12:30 minutes and departs

mohanagar express dhaka to chittagong time schedule

from Kamalapur station at 21:10 minutes, from there it takes 4:50 to reach Chittagong. Mohanagar Express Intercity Train Dhaka While traveling from Chittagong to Chittagong,

there is a break at many stations and wait for some time at the opposite stations. Below is an idea about the names and schedule of the rest stops: Dhaka 21:20, Brahmanbaria 23:33, Comilla 1:47,

Laksam 2:15, Feni 3:03, Chittagong 4:50 Mohanagar Express intercity train takes a break at many stations on Chittagong to Dhaka route and spends some time at these break stations.

Mohanagar Express Ticket Price

Below are the names of the break points to give an idea of ​​the schedule: Chittagong 12:30, Feni 14:04, Laksam 14:53, Airport 18:32, Dhaka 19:10. The Mohanagar Express intercity train has several categories,

with different ticket prices. You can choose any seat according to your ability. For your convenience, the seat name and ticket price are given below – Shovan Chair ticket price 256 taka,

First seat ticket price 480 taka, Snigdha ticket price 675 taka, ACC ticket price 808 taka and ticket price 15% VAT applicable. A description of where to get train tickets for inter-city trains is given – tickets can

mohanagar express train off day

be purchased from all ticket counters in the country. Tickets can be booked from the train website ( by dialing *131# and booking tickets via SMS. The confirmation message

for the ticket will be sent at least half an hour prior to the journey, the ticket should be printed from the counter of the respective railway station. However, advance tickets are available from ten days before

the journey at any computerized ticket counter and website in the country. Mohanagar Express train runs six days a week. It has one holiday in a week and that day is Sunday. Train does not run on Sunday

mohanagar express train tracking, code, route

Mohanagar Express train leaves Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station at 21:20 for Chittagong. The cargo transportation of the train is discussed – A Shitataf class passenger can carry 56 kg

first class passenger 37.5 kg, Shobhan class passenger 28 kg and cheap second class passenger 23 kg free of charge. You can take it as baggage to your own destination by paying

the extra baggage charges Major stations have separate counters for baggage booking. Trolleys are available for carrying luggage. Wheelchairs are available for transporting sick persons.

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