Meghna Express Train Schedule, Ticket Booking, Ticket Price, Off Day

Today through this post we will discuss about the Meghna Express train running on Chittagong to Chandpur and Chandpur to Chittagong route. It is a very famous train.

Meghna Express is very good quality and standard train among the running trains. Meghna Express train numbers 729 and 730. Bangladesh intercity trains run from Chittagong to Chandpur,

Chandpur to Chittagong. Today’s article is going to be very important for you. By reading this article you will know about Meghna Express Train Schedule Meghna Express Train Route,

Meghna Express Train Schedule

Stations, Schedule Meghna Express Train Fare List. So read it carefully from beginning to end. And answer all the questions you want. The most important thing in traveling by train is to know

all the information about the train. Those who travel regularly. They must know about its pros and cons. Meghna Express train departs from Chittagong for Chandpur.

Then Feni, Nangalkot, Laksam stopped. Besides, Meghna Express train runs from Chittagong to Chandpur at regular intervals. Chittagong to Chandpur departure time is 7:15 PM

Meghna Express Train off day

and arrival time is 25 minutes. and leaves Chandpur for Chittagong at 5 PM and arrives at 9 PM. However, this train does not have any kind of weekend. I hope you understand.

The cost of traveling by train is less than the cost of traveling by any vehicle. So everyone can do it easily. Fare list of Meghna Express train has been released

for passengers traveling on this route. In this case, you will get type of seat category. They are Shobhan, Shobhan Chair, First Sheet, First Berth, are fixed.

meghna express train ticket booking

In this case, the minimum ticket price is 150 taka and the maximum ticket price is 621 taka. I hope that through this post I have been able to give you detailed information

about Meghna Express train ticket price. In this next article, we will discuss Meghna Express Train Schedule and Stop List I Hope you will like it very much.

I will discuss in detail about the schedule of Meghna Express train running from Chittagong to Dhaka village. Chandpur to Chittagong Train: 730 Meghna Express departs at 05.00 hrs

chandpur to chittagong train ticket price 2022

and reaches Chittagong at 09.25 hrs. Train from Chittagong to Chandpur: 729 Meghna Express at 05.15 pm, arriving at 09.40 pm. To know the train delay/current position,

send TR Space Train No. from your Rabi/Gramin connection to 16318. You will find the train number on the top right side of your ticket.

When Meghna Express train has no weekends. Accordingly, trains run seven days a week from Chandpur to Chittagong and Chittagong to Chandpur.