Lipid Profile Test Price in Bangladesh [IBN Sina, Popular, Square Hospital]

Sometimes we may need to perform a lipid profile test during treatment. Today through this post we are going to measure lipid profile in any disease. I will discuss about that.

How much does lipid profile test cost if you read the article carefully from cover to cover? I will discuss the details about that. Read the article carefully from the beginning to the end.

Now you may be wondering why to do lipid profile test. There are many people who don’t look that fat from the outside, but through lipid profile test it can be seen that he is suffering from many diseases.

When going for treatment or consultation, the doctor gives some tests. One of the common tests is the lipid profile. Many people have the question that why this test should be done.

This registration is about his answer. Lipid means fat, lipid profile is one such test. With the help of which four types of blood fat levels can be controlled. Their normal level is given per deciliter of blood,

total cholesterol is 200 mg, low density protein cholesterol is less than 150 mg. High density lipoprotein cholesterol is greater than 40 mg for men and greater than 50 mg for women.

However, you have to eat normal food three days before this test. On an empty stomach for eight hours from the night before the test. Blood should be given the next morning.

If someone has abnormal levels of fat in their blood, that disease is called dyslipidemia in medical terms. How much does a lipid profile test cost? You search the internet to know about it.

Through today’s post, I will tell you how much the hospitals in Bangladesh charge for lipid profile testing. I will discuss about that. Read the article carefully from the beginning to the end.

Usually Ibn Sina Lab Aid Diagnostic Center for the lipid profile costs 500 to 700 rupees. However, this test can be done in government hospitals.

Lipid Profile Test Price in Bangladesh

Today we present to you through this post how much money is required for lipid profile test. I was able to inform about it. And if any information is known. You can find out by visiting our website.

Today’s article is for those who search the internet to find out how much a lipid profile test costs. First you need to know, for whom this test can have high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes etc.

and many more complications from it. A lipid profile test is done for this. Obese persons are physically inactive, those who work, do not exercise regularly, those who are moderate, smoke, or take other drugs.

There are many people with diabetes, hypothyroidism, chronic kidney and liver disease, elderly people. Those who are not so fat from the outside. But lipid profile test shows that he is suffering from various diseases.