Lava Customer Care Number, Service Center, Head Office, Email Address

Our today’s post is for Lava users. If you are using Lava handset then today’s post is for you. Read this post carefully. Lava is one of the handsets of various Chinese companies in Bangladesh.

It is one of the more expensive configuration sets. The number of Lava users in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Most village users use Lava. Because more configuration setting at a lower price.

Now the real thing is that you have to face various problems while using the handset. In that case, if you encounter any handset related problem while using Lava handset,

they can contact customer care. Today in this post we will discuss in detail the contact number and contact address of Lava Customer Care.

When using different handsets, you have to face different problems. One of them is handset lock, forget password, forget PIN. In addition to the various internal problems,

there can be many other problems. To solve all these problems, they have given their customer care numbers. If you encounter these problems, you can call Lava Customer Care to let them know.

You can solve handset problems by calling them and taking their advice. Or you can contact their customer care. That’s why I think you should call the

Lava Customer Care contact number. Lava customer care numbers are published below the post. Lava has opened several of its customer care destinations in Bangladesh.

One of the customer care numbers is 1860-500-5001. You can contact them by calling this call center. However, you must remember that this number is a foreign number.

Therefore, calling this number will deduct more money from your account. That’s why you can contact customer care directly without calling the call center if you want.

Adequate customer care facilities are available in Bangladesh for Lava handset users. They have opened several customer care centers in Bangladesh.

You can come to them and solve your problems if you want. If your handset has a warranty then you can solve the problems for free. And if not, you can solve the problems with a certain amount of fee.

An address published in this post is the address of Kishoreganj. It is published below Address: S.S Plaza, 7/1 Eid Ghah Road Sholakia, Kishoreganj,

Telephone: 8801708124530. A number of posts have been published on our website for different handset users. The addresses of the customer care centers in different

places have been published there. You can see them if you want. You will find solutions to various problems related to your tech news on our website.