Kishoreganj Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Ticket Booking, Time Today

Are you interested to know about Kishoreganj Express Train? If you are interested to know about Kishoreganj Express Train then read our post carefully.

Today in our post we will discuss about Kishoreganj Express Train Timings, Kishoreganj Express Train Off Days, Kishoreganj Express Train Ticket Price etc.

If you read this post of ours with full attention from the beginning to the end, then you will get to know all the details. Nowadays people travel by different vehicles.

kishoreganj express train schedule from dhaka

For example, many people travel by bus, travel by boat, travel by plane and travel by train. Among these vehicles, train travel is safe and comfortable. And for this reason, many people like to travel by train.

There are many passenger trains running in our country now. Trains pick up passengers from various stations and take them to their destinations. The passenger trains of our country are Chattla Express,

Kurigram Express, Panchagarh Express, Banglabandha Express, Banalta Express, Tungipara Express, Titas, Karnaphuli, etc. These trains include the Kishoreganj Express train.

kishoreganj express ticket price

This train carries passengers from Dhaka to Kishoreganj and from Kishoreganj to Dhaka. Kishoreganj Express train departs for Kishoreganj at 10:45 minutes with passengers from Dhaka.

Reached Kishoreganj at 15:00 and from Kishoreganj departed for Dhaka at 16:00 and reached Dhaka at 20:10. This train carries passengers from various stations to

and from Dhaka and Kishoreganj. For example- Airport, Narsingdi, Methikanda, Bhairab Bazar, Kuliarchar, Bajitpur, Manikkhali, Gachihata. To travel by Kishoreganj Express train

kishoreganj express train off day

many people want to know Kishoreganj Express train ticket price. So we have discussed about Kishoreganj Express train ticket price in this post of ours. You can know Kishoreganj Express train

ticket price by reading this post. There are different types of Kishoreganj Express train tickets. For example -Kishoreganj Express Train Shovan ticket is 120 taka, Subon chair ticket is 140 taka,

Fast seat ticket is 185 taka, Snigda ticket is 240 taka, AC seat is 400 taka, AC berth is 700 taka. If you want to buy Kishoreganj Express train ticket then you can buy the ticket at the above price.

kishoreganj express train ticket booking, time today

Like other trains, Kishoreganj Express also has off days. Off day of Kishoreganj Express train is Friday. Kishoreganj Express trains are closed on Fridays.

The train does not carry any passengers on this day. Apart from Kishoreganj Express train, our website has published some posts about other passenger trains of our country.

If you read the other posts on our website, you will know the details of the ticket price, schedule, off days of some other passenger trains in our country.