Khidmah Hospital Contact Number & Serial Number

Many of you turn to the internet to know the address of Khidmah Specialist Diagnostic Hospital located in Khilgaon, Dhaka. The quality of treatment in this hospital is very good now

if you want to take medical care in this hospital Must know contact address here and get serial number or contact. Today through this post we present before you hospital contact address

and all the information to get serial and get ambulance service I will discuss the details. You will understand if you read carefully. Khidmah is a private hospital located in Khilgaon, Dhaka.

Those who are determined to provide medical services in front of you. Do you want to know the address of your hospital? Then today’s article is going to be very important for you.

You can contact your to get the serial. Call 09606063040 to get the serial on the official website or Facebook page of Khidmah Hospital. Through this, I am discussing the list of doctors in Kitana Hospital.

Hospital Address Khitmah Private Limited Address C 2872 Khilgaon, Biswa Road, Khilgaon Dhaka. can contact you. You can take all kinds of services. Hope you got all the information

You are interested to know about the address of the hospital. So read and check the very important article for today from the beginning to the end. Who is the specialist doctor in Khidmah Hospital?

If you want you can visit the official website of Keetna Hospital By going there you can know all kinds of information and list of doctors

Khidmah Hospital Contact Number

and even where Khidmah Hospital is located according to google map. Hope friends have understood today’s article. You go to the official website of the hospital and the list of doctors is ambulance.

Can get all kinds of services including services. Today we will discuss in detail about the address of Khidmah Hospital Khilgaon in front of you through this post. The hospital is located

at Khilgaon C, 287/2, Khilgaon Vishwa Road Dhaka, 096 0606 3030, [email protected] Hope friends, I have given you the contact number and email address of your hospital Khilgaon.

You can get all kinds of services through the site. You can visit Help if you want to get emergency services in the hospital.