Kapotaksha Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Route, Seat Plan

Today we will discuss about the Kapotaksha Express train. if you want to travel on this train or want to get detailed knowledge about it, in any case reading this post you will get

detailed information about it. First we will discuss about Kapotaksha Express Train Schedule, Kapotaksha Express Train Break Station & Schedule Ticket Price, and Closing Dates.

Kapotaksha Express is a very old and famous train service of Bangladesh. It connects two western cities of Bangladesh, Khulna and Rajshahi. Kapotaksha Express started its first

kapotaksha express train schedule

inaugural journey on 1st May 1986. While traveling from Khulna to Rajshahi, Kapotaksha Express train code is (715). It leaves Khulna Railway Station at 6:30 AM and reaches Rajshahi Railway Station at 12:20 PM.

Kapotaksha Express train code on Rajshahi to Khulna route is (716) It leaves Rajshahi Railway Station at 2:15 PM and reaches Khulna Railway Station at 8 PM. Kapotaksha Express train stops at few stations

along the route Below is the Kapotaksha Express train stop stations and schedule – Stop Station Name (715), Nawapara 6:47, Jessore 7:23, Mubarakganj 7:54, Kotchandpur 8:7, Darshana 8:32, Chuadanga 8:59, 

Kapotaksha Express Train Ticket Price

Alamdanga 9:20, Poradah 9:37, Mirpur 9:50, Bheramara 10:3, Pakshi 10:18, Ishwardi 10:35, Azimnagar 11:7. As Kapotaksha Express train is an intercity train. So there are luxury arrangements due to which

the ticket price is slightly higher. Those of you who travel by this intercity train can travel from Rajshahi to Khulna. We have mentioned the fares according to different class of seat arrangement Kapotaksha Express

Train Shobhan fare is fixed at 260 taka, Shobhan chair fare of this train is fixed at 310 taka, first seat fare is fixed at 410 taka, Snigdha seat fare is fixed at 515 taka and AC seat fare is fixed at 615 taka. 

Kapotasha Express Train Off Day

Many people buy train tickets through online. For the convenience of all of you, I am discussing about the new method of buying tickets in the e-ticketing system – To buy tickets, passengers must register once,

so they must first enter the website www.eticket.railway.gov.bd. Click on the registration button at the bottom of the website. Then a new page named Create and Account will appear, fill the relevant cells

of Personal Information with the required information and fill the Security Code with the security code shown next to the cell and click on the Register button. If all information is correct, a new page named

kopotakkho express train route, seat plan

Registration Successful will appear. A mail will be sent from the e-ticketing system to your given email instantly from Bangladesh Railway. Open the mail from Bangladesh Railway

and click on the click link in the message after which the passenger registration will be completed. It is better to know the closing days of the Kapotaksha Express train so that you can choose the right day

if you know closing days before traveling. You can travel on this train six days a week and it has one day off which is Saturday. You are free to travel on any other day except Saturday.