Kalni Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking, Time, Tracking, Seat Plan

Are you interested to know about Kalni Express train? If you are interested then read our post from the beginning to the end with full attention.

Today in this post we will discuss Kalni Express train schedule, ticket price of this train and when is the holiday of this train. If you read this post of ours with full attention, you will be able to know all the details about it.

Currently, there are many trains running in our country. As many railways have been built in our country, one can travel from one end of the country to another by train. 

kalni express schedule sylhet to dhaka

And because of this there is a lot of demand for trains now. Currently, there are many passenger trains in our country. Kalni Express train is one of them. Traveling in this train saves time.

Also traveling in these trains is comfortable and less risky. Many people who want to travel in this train do not know the schedule or time table of this train.

And to know about all these issues, they go online to the website and search for the schedule of this train. So we have discussed Kalni Express Train Schedule in this post of ours.

kalni express ticket price

Kalni Express train departs from Dhaka to Sylhet at 15:00 hrs and reaches Sylhet at 21:30 hrs. Again departs Sylhet for Dhaka at 6:15 and reaches Dhaka at 13:00.

In our country now there are many laws to follow when traveling by train. Tickets are required to travel on almost all vehicles in our country. One of them is traveling by train.

A ticket is required even if traveling by train. Traveling by train without a ticket is an offense. For which ticketless passenger has to pay a fine. There are several types of train tickets.

kalni express ticket booking, tracking

The price of each ticket also varies slightly. Everyone can travel by Kalni Express train by purchasing the ticket of their choice. Kalni Express Train

Sumon Chair ticket price is 320 taka, Fast class 425 taka, First berth 640 taka, Snigdha 610 taka, AC seat 736 taka and AC berth ticket price is 1099 taka.

Almost every train in our country has a week off. Trains are closed on those days when they are on holiday. Similarly, Friday is the holiday

kalni express sylhet to dhaka time 2022, seat plan

or off day of Kalni Express train. The Kalni Express train does not carry any passengers on this day. This train stops running on this day.

Apart from Kalni Express train off days, other trains off days are also published on our website. If you are interested to know

about off days, ticket prices, etc. of trains other than Kalni Express train then you can read other posts on our website.