Jayantika Express Train Time Table, Ticket Price, Off Day, Stoppages, Route, Code

Today we will discuss about Jayantika Express train. If you want to know details about Jayanti Express then you have come to the right place. Through this post, you will get all the detailed

information about Jayantika Express train here easily, which will help you in your journey. All the information you will find in this post is Jayantika Express train from where it goes and its schedule,

holidays, break station schedule and ticket price or section list. Jayantika Express train is an intercity train operated by Bangladesh Railway. 

jayantika express time table

This train travels from Dhaka to Sylhet ie if you want to travel from Dhaka to Sylhet then you can choose this train. Jayantika Express train is one of the fast and most luxurious trains in Bangladesh,

very popular with their services. Schedule plays a very important role for a healthy and pleasant journey, so before traveling you must know the train schedule and reach the train station accordingly.

Jayantika Express train departs from Dhaka to Sylhet at 12:15 and reaches Sylhet at 19:00. Sylhet to Dhaka departure time is 11:15 and arrival time in Dhaka is 18:25.

jayantika express ticket price

The Jayantika Express train takes a break at some stations to cover a long distance. For your convenience the schedule of break stations is given below: Break Station Name From Dhaka(717),

Airport 11:42, Ashuganj 13:01, Brahmanbaria 13:20, Azimpur 13:52, Mokandpur 14:10, Harshpur 14:25, Montala 14:38, Nawapara 14:55, Shahjibazar 15:10, Shaistaganj 15:27, Srimangal 16:10,

Bhan Gach 16:33, Kulaura 17:27, Maizgaon 18:00. Jayantika Express train runs regularly from Dhaka to Sylhet railway station. This train has three seats and each seat has different fare. Discussing the seat fares 

jayantika train off day, stoppages

for your convenience, 295 taka for a decorative chair. Fare for first seat is 395 taka and fare for AC seat is 679 taka with 15% VAT applicable on all tickets. Below is a description of Jayantika Express

intercity train tickets available from all ticket counters in the country. Tickets can be booked from the train website (www.esheba.cnsbd.com) by dialing *131# and booking tickets through SMS.

The confirmation message for the ticket will be sent at least half an hour before the journey, the ticket should be printed from the counter of the respective railway station. However, advance tickets are available

jayantika express dhaka to sylhet route, code

from ten days before the journey at any computerized ticket counter and website in the country. Things to know about holidays Almost every train has holidays. Due to this many people are searching

which is the holiday of Jayantika Express train. Those who want to travel by train must know about this holiday, if you want to travel without knowing it, you are often confused.

The Jayanthi K Express train does not have a weekend on the route from Dhaka to Sylhet i.e. it runs regularly. But in the case of coming to Dhaka from Sylhet, Thursday is a holiday.