Jamuna TV News Presenter List with Photo [Male, Female]

We will discuss in this post today about Jamuna TV News or News Presenter List. Also, we will discuss details about Jamuna TV Reporter Number and Jamuna TV Reporters List here.

If you are interested to know all these topics then you can see our full post. It is one of the television channels of our country. Apart from Jamuna Television or Jamuna TV,

there are many other TV channels in our country. Jamuna TV channel is one of them. Many people in our country like to watch the news of Jamuna Television.

Because they always collect all the correct information from different parts of our country and present it to us. Along with that, apart from the news of the country,

they present the news of different countries outside the country to us. Through which we can know about the country. Jamuna Television is a very good television channel.

Many people like the presenters who present news on Jamuna TV. Because they present the news very well. So many people want to know the names of Jamuna TV news presenters.

For this they go online to various websites and want to see the list of Jamuna TV news presenters. Among the presenters of Jamuna TV are Nusrat Bristhi, Roksana Anjuman Nicole,

Moushumi Ahmed Lopa, Soumitra Das Chandra, Shaon Dutt among others. Apart from these presenters, Jamuna Television has many other presenters and reporters

and many other employees who work tirelessly to disseminate various types of news among us. There are many people who want to know the reporter number of Jamuna Television.

For which they enter various websites online and search about it. So we want to tell you Jamuna TV reporter number. The phone number of Jamuna TV is Class 88029824 040.

Jamuna TV News Presenter List

If you want to contact Jamuna Television then you can call this number. Jamuna Television is a satellite television of our country. Apart from the presenters of Jamuna Television,

there are many other reporters here. Those who bravely collect different types of news from different parts of our country and they always search for different topics from time to time to get correct information.

And that’s why many people want to know the names of Jamuna TV news reporters or want to see the list. So we have published a list of Jamuna TV news reporters in some other posts on our website.

You can see that list from our website. In addition to Yamuna Television, we have discussed in detail about the reporters and presenters of some other satellite televisions in our country. You can know all these things from our website.