Jamuna Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Time, Location

Do you want to know about Jamuna Express train? If you are interested in this topic then read our post. Today in this post we will discuss Jamuna Express train time table,

ticket price of this train and on which days it is closed. If you read this post of ours with full attention then you will get to know all the details. Many railways have been built in Bangladesh at present.

Through which one can travel from one end of the country to the other very easily at a low cost. And for this now the demand for trains in our country is very high.

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And so many passenger trains are running in our country now. Each train has specific schedules, ticket prices, off days. Jamuna Express is one of the trains that are currently running in our country.

Many people now prefer to travel by train as train travel is very comfortable and safe. Traveling by train also saves time. Jamuna Express train is a passenger train. This train carries passengers

from various stations and takes them to their respective destinations. Many of those who want to travel by Jamuna Express train do not know when the train expects to go from which

jamuna express train ticket price

station to which tension, carrying passengers from which station. And so they visit various websites online to know about all these things. Jamuna Express carries passengers

from Dhaka to Tarakandi and from Tarakandi to Dhaka. This train leaves Dhaka for Tarakandi at 16:45 and reaches Tarakandi at 22:55 and leaves Tarakandi for Dhaka at 2 and reaches Dhaka at 7:45.

Nowadays one can travel by train from one end of the country to another at a very low cost. And tickets are required to travel by train. No one can travel by train without a ticket.

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Anyone who travels without a ticket is fined. Each train has several types of tickets. Everyone can travel by train by buying the ticket of their choice.

How many tickets are there for Jamuna Express train? According to these ticket types, the prices of the tickets are more or less. Eg – Shown ticket price is 155 taka,

Shown chair ticket price is 220 taka, Fast seat price is 295 taka, Fast berth price is 440 taka, Snigdha ticket price is 420 taka, AC ticket price is 506 taka

jamuna express train time, location

and AC berth ticket price is 754 taka. Among these tickets, everyone can buy any type of ticket according to their choice. Most of the passenger trains

plying in our country have some holidays. The days on which the train is closed. Jamuna Express trains have no off days or holidays even though other

trains in our country have holidays. As the demand for this train is very high, this train runs between Dhaka and Tarakandi every day.