Islami Bank Routing Number, Branch List, Helpline, Swift Code, Account Number Sample

Today we will discuss in this post about the routing number of Islami Bank. Those of you who are interested to know about the routing number of Islami Bank, please read this post carefully.

If you read this post carefully from beginning to end, you will know about the routing number of Islami Bank. At present banking is a medium of taka transactions.

Even a few decades ago, people had to work hard to send taka from one country to another and it took a long time to reach taka. But now it is very easy and very fast to send taka from

one country to another through bank. Also people used to take loans from rural moneylenders or rich people. And for this, the borrowers had to pay high interest rates.

But now the borrower does not have to pay high interest for any problem that can be borrowed from the bank. At present, there are many public and private banks in our country.

Such as Grameen Bank, Dutch-Bangla Bank, Sonali Bank, Janata Bank, Agrani Bank etc. Islami Bank is one of these banks. Each bank has a routing number in its check book.

The routing number is usually nine digits. In addition to the check number and account number, another 9 digit number in the check is the routing number.

The bank code is denoted by the first three digits out of the nine digits of this routing number. That is, it determines which bank account it is. The next three digits indicate the district.

For example, the district in which this account is located is indicated by the second 3 digits. And thirdly, the next three digits determine which branch of the account the region belongs to.

Many people want to know the routing numbers of Islami Bank in different districts of Dhaka division. And so we have published the Routing Number of Islami Bank in this post.

The routing number of Islami Bank in Ashuganj branch of Brahmanbaria district is 12512 0102. The routing number of Islami Bank of Dhaka Badda Branch is 12526 0341.

Routing number of Dhaka-Bandura SME Branch is 125 270 652. The routing number of Bansal branch is 127088152 and the routing number of Baridhara branch of Islami Bank is 125260525.

Apart from Dhaka division, some posts have been published on our website about routing numbers of other departments of Islami Bank. If you want to know the details of different

types of information including rowdy numbers of Islami Bank in other departments besides Dhaka, then read other posts on our website. In order to open an account in Islami Bank

or to solve the problem of the account, many people want to contact Islami Bank through mobile phone instead of directly. And so in this post, we have given the helpline number of Islami Bank.

If you want to solve different types of problems of your account or want to know different types of information then you can call these numbers 16259, 88028331090.