Impulse Hospital Dhaka: Doctor List, Contact Number, Address, Cabin Cost, Delivery Package, Appointment

In this post, we will discuss about Impulse Hospital. Those of you who are interested to know about Impulse Hospital, please read our post carefully from beginning to end.

If you read our post carefully, you will know about Impulse Hospital Doctor List, Impulse Hospital Address, etc. Impulse Hospital is a very high quality hospital in Bangladesh.

There are several branches of this hospital in different parts of our country. Today we will talk about Dhaka Impulse Hospital. Allah Ta’ala treats every human being with different diseases.

Even a few decades ago, there was no treatment for many diseases in our country. Due to this, many people would die due to lack of medical treatment for various diseases in our country.

But now no one has to die in our country due to lack of treatment for any disease. Because at present the medical system of our country has improved

a lot and many high quality hospitals have been built in different parts of the country. All these hospitals have modern medical facilities. The best quality hospitals in our country are

Square Hospital, Dhaka Medical College Hospital, United Hospital, Birdem Hospital etc. Impulse Hospital is one of these hospitals. The patients are treated in this hospital

through modern medical methods. The medical services of this hospital are very good. In this hospital, the patient is thoroughly examined, diagnosed and given proper treatment.

Dhaka Impulse Hospital is one of the few branches of Impulse Hospital. In this post we have given the address of Dhaka Impulse Hospital and the contact number

of this hospital. If you want to contact Impulse Hospital then you can contact +8801715016727, 10644. In addition, if you want to contact the Impulse Hospital directly,

you can go to the following address. 304 / E Shaheed Tazuddin Avenue, Tejgaon (Behind Channel-i office), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Everyone wants to treat a patient according to the advice of an experienced doctor. Impulse Hospital has many experienced doctors. All these experienced doctors treat the patients.

You can go to Impulse Hospital and get medical services from all these experienced doctors.  In this post, we have mentioned the names of some doctors of Impulse Hospital. The names are-



Dr. Laila Helay



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