Holy Family Hospital Contact Number, Doctor List, Appointment

Among the private hospitals, Holy Family Hospital Dhaka and Holy Family Crescent Hospital have the best quality of medical care. If you want, you can come to the hospital

for various types of treatment including children. Now of course you may need to know the contact address and list of doctors at Holy Family Hospital. So through today’s post, I will discuss detailed information before you.

Read the article carefully from beginning to end. The gate of Holy Family Hospital is open 24 hours There is a 24-hour emergency medical facility to provide medical care. Experienced doctors as well as experienced

provide services here and provide medical services. In this hospital, there is a medical system for women through a gynecologist doctor who diagnoses all the diseases of pregnant women through modern ultrasonography.

How are their children? In any position. They are known and Caesar is in place. Modern methods have provision for operation of uterine tumor, stone appendicitis ulcer etc. in women.

There are treatment facilities for chest diseases, skin diseases, gallery. Skin problems Hair problems are treated by specialist doctors. If you want you can contact the said number.

Address: 1, Iskaton Garden Road, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh

Phone: +88 02 9353031, +88 02 8313234

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.hfrcmc.edu.bd

Holy Family Hospital Dhanmondi Branch Those of you who have accessed the internet to know the address. Them, I will discuss in detail in front of you through this post of our today’s article.

Holy Family Hospital Contact Number

Holy Family Hospital is a private hospital as good as a hospital and much better for emergency treatment Obeys the vow of providing medical care. If you want, you can contact the number given above

to know the details of Holy Family Hospital Dhanmondi branch. Hope you guys understand today’s article will appear again in the next post with some other topic stay tuned till the end.

Searching internet for mobile number and hotline number to contact Holy Family Hospital. There are many such people. This is our today’s article for them. I have given you the website link to contact

Holy Family Hospital. https://holyfamily.com.bd/contact-us through this website you can find all kinds of contact information. Mobile Number Email Address and Hot Line Number. 02 48311721.