HBSAG Test Price in Bangladesh [IBN Sina, Popular Diagnostic Center]

HBSAG is a test to detect the hepatitis B virus. This test is also known as Hepatitis B Surfactant Antigen. The method of this test is that it is a simple blood test. If the test report is positive,

then the person will be considered to have hepatitis B virus in his blood. This virus causes various problems in our body. For example, it causes liver failure or liver cancer.

Hepatitis B has few symptoms or signs. So we have to do HBSAG test as soon as all these symptoms appear. We are here today to tell you about HBSAG Test Cost without needing to know.

Besides, I will tell you how much this test costs at Ibn Sina and how much you can pay for HBSAG at Popular Hospital. Stay tuned to this post to know all these things.

Our country government has fixed the cost of HBSAG exam. This test is done in different hospitals and diagnostic centers of our country. If you want to do this test then you can do this test at the government price ie 1050 rupees.

However, there are some hospitals and diagnostic centers that may charge a little more. In general hospitals, its price will be taken as government price.

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Ibn Sina Hospital is one of the best quality hospitals in our country. Various types of diseases can be tested for very little money from here. If you want to do HBSAG test from Ibn Sina then you

HBSAG Test Price in Bangladesh

can do this test from here for very less money as compared to other hospitals. The cost of HBSAG Test at Ibn Sina is Rs.450. They offer 25% discount on each of their tests.

You can do different types of tests from here. If you want, you can do hbsag test from Popular Diagnostic Hospital. It is a very popular hospital in our country.

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