HbA1c Test Price in Bangladesh [Popular Diagnostic Center, BSMMU, IBN Sina]

Today we through this post what is HbA1c test. Now you may be wondering why this test is done. The HbA1c test basically measures the amount of glucose in the blood.

By regularly testing your blood glucose, you can see how lifestyle changes affect blood glucose levels. Helps you keep your diabetes under control.

Now the question may come in your mind, what is this test and what method should be adopted for this test and how to test? Read the article carefully from the beginning to the end.

It is a biochemical test also known as glycated hemoglobin test. This is a diabetes test. It is used to diagnose diabetes and what the diabetes average has been for the past two to three months.

It can be seen that through today’s post, I will discuss detailed information in front of you. Read the article carefully from the beginning to the end. No preparation is required for this test.

It is better to do this test on an empty stomach if you are taking any medicine. This test report may come negative in case of anemia. Other tests should be done in these patients.

Results may increase in case of pregnant women. Results can come home for a short period of time due to infectious diseases. Generally, the price of this test is fixed at 500 to 700 rupees.

However, to get private hospitals, their services are different from time to time. How much is the price of this disease at the popular diagnostic center when you come to the Internet many times?

It depends on how much money is needed. I will discuss the details about that. Usually, the cost of getting the result of the test through the diagnostic center modern machine at the popular center is 1000 tk.

Hope friends have understood today’s article. I will discuss some other issues through the next post. Thanks so much for sticking around until the end.

HbA1c Test Price in Bangladesh

You search the internet to know about the HD A One C test price. So I will discuss the detailed information in front of you through this post today. Why is this test done and how much does this test cost?

Want to know about it? This hemoglobin test is usually required for blood tests. HD A One C test is a must to know how the blood glucose level is. HbA1c test results were not very accurate.

Results will vary greatly depending on lab conditions. However, the National GlycoHemoglobin Program was later developed to increase the accuracy of the tests.

After following the guidelines, the results started coming right consistently. Usually the test is done at Padma Diagnostic Center Popular Diagnostic Center. It’s amazing that this test costs 1000 taka from the side of the hospital.