GP Social Pack 2024 Code for Facebook, IMO, Messenger, WhatsApp

Recently the authorities have provided some special GP social packs for GP customers. As a result, you can be active on various social media with this package. So this package is a great offer for you.

We will discuss all the social packs of GP SIM for the convenience of our customers here. So I would say that from here you can buy any type of GP SIM social pack according to your choice.

However, customers must read this post carefully. Because through this post you will know how to buy each package and how long each package will last. So our post is very important for you.

GP Social Pack 2024

If you are looking for GP Social Pack? But I would say you are in the right place. We have discussed all kinds of social packs like WhatsApp, imo, Facebook, Messenger.

So if you want, you can buy any kind of social package according to your choice from below. However, many customers do not know how to buy their social packs. So you can find out from us here how to buy the packages.

So from this post, you can know all the information about Social Pack. For this, we read this post carefully from beginning to end. Then it will be much easier for you to buy this package.

GP Facebook Pack Code 2024

At present most of the customers use internet to use Facebook. So many people want to know different types of Facebook pack codes. But don’t worry, you can find out this code from here.

This allows you to easily access a certain amount of internet by dialing this activation code. So I would say choose the Facebook package of your choice right now from below and purchase this package from us here.

In addition, for your convenience, how much will it cost to buy a package and the activation code of each package has been given. So you can safely buy the packages of your choice from us here. As a result, you can browse Facebook at will.

26 MB 1.64 Tk Offer

This package is basically for those customers who are usually useless on Facebook. Also want to use a little more megabytes for a little Tk, they can enjoy this package if they want.

You need 1.64 Tk to buy the 26 MB package. So you can easily enjoy this offer in exchange of this little Tk. So buy our 26 MB package from here now.

The activation code for purchasing this package is * 121 * 3022 #. So dial this USSD code from your mobile now and buy this package. However, I would like to say to you that you will have only three days to use this 26 MB.

86 MB Offer for 7 Taka

Now we are going to discuss the offer of 86 MB for seven Tk. So you can easily get 86 MB offer if you want, for this you must dial an activation code from your mobile.

You can purchase this package now by dialing * 121 * 3023 # USSD code. However, for your purposes, the validity of 86 MB is only 7 days. As a result, customers must complete this internet balance within 7 days.

So for you, we can say that this offer is a great offer because for seven Tk you are getting 86 MB. And customers have been given seven days to use it. So now you can enjoy this offer if you want.

GP 340 MB Social Pack Offer

Now we will discuss 350 MB Social Pack. So if you want to know about this package, I would say you are in the right place. From here you can easily find out about this package.

If you want to buy this package, you must dial * 121 * 3024 # activation code from your mobile. As a result, you will automatically receive this package. However, you will be charged 20 Tk from your mobile for purchasing this package.

Also, for your purpose, I would like to say that you have been given only 28 days to use 20 taka 340 MB internet. So you must finish this internet balance within this period. So you can buy this offer now if you want.

GP Social Pack Messenger Code

Many people nowadays use messenger to talk. As a result, you are looking for different types of social pack codes to run Messenger. However, you can know the package of Social Pack Messenger package at a very affordable price from here.

We are now going to discuss the social pack code for running Messenger for your convenience. So you can dial this code and buy different types of messenger packages as per your choice. So dial * 121 * 3024 # and buy the package of your choice.

If you dial the USSD code above, you will get a package to run all kinds of messengers of your choice. After that, if you click on the package that you would like to buy, that package will be activated on your mobile automatically.

gp social pack whatsapp 2024

Customers who are usually looking for GP SIM’s social pack to run WhatsApp. If they want, they can buy the package from here according to their choice. We are now going to discuss all the packages for using WhatsApp.

Are you looking for GP Social Pack to use WhatsApp? However, you must dial * 121 * 3063 # activation code from your mobile phone. Next, you will see that different types of social packs are coming to your mobile.

After that, if you click on the package that you are interested in buying, the package will be automatically purchased to use your WhatsApp. However, for this, you must have a certain amount of Tk in your mobile. Also, dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # to know the balance of this package.

GP Social Pack IMO

At present, many people are talking through imo at home and abroad so that you can know all the packages of imo using GP SIM from here. So you should take a look at all your packages from here.

You can purchase the packages of your choice by dialing * 121 # USSD code. Dialing this code will display in front of your packages of different durations and specific amounts. Then you need to select the package of your choice.

You must also dial * 121 * 1 * 2 to see if there is any social offer to use IMO in your SIM. As a result, when you dial this USSD code, you will be automatically notified via SMS on your mobile whether there is any offer in your GP SIM.

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