GP Promotional SMS Off Code 2023 [how to stop promotional sms in gp]

BTRC Promotional SMS Off Code

Grameenphone sometimes gives several promotional sms to their customers. So if you want to stop these offers. You can do that too. Today we will show you through this post.

How do you turn off these promotional SMS? If you want, you can stop GP’s promotional SMS by dialing the USSD code or calling a number at home. Today through this post we will discuss about the detailed

shortcut code to get rid of the promotional SMS of grameenphone, robi, airtel, banglalink numbers. Read and review the article carefully from beginning to end. So guys let’s start the main discussion.

From Grameenphone, all types of teletalk company’s SIMs are used, they constantly send their various offers or campaign SMS. Mobile operators on the customer’s number

Keep these sms to know about new services. But in many cases, we lose important messages in all the unnecessary SMS messages. To many people these days, it is a name for these annoyances.

Bangladesh Telecom has regularly introduced Do Not Disturb Commission. Which customers can now stop receiving these SMS about the products and promotions of the telecom company?

The funny thing is that many people don’t know about it. Which you can know through our website. Read the article carefully from the beginning to the end and learn about this service.

Hope you like it. If you don’t want to receive promotional SMS on your mobile, the operator-based ‘Do Not Disturb’ shortcodes are – *121*1101# for Grameenphone.

Want to stop promotional SMS from Grameenphone and other operators? Then today’s article is going to be very important for you. Through this post, I will tell you how to stop

the Grameenphone promotional SMS or annoying SMS. I will discuss details about that. Those of you who use Robi SIM how to stop this promotional SMS of Robi SIM. If you want to know that,

keep an eye on our website. If you want, you can easily stop the promotional SMS by dialing the code. If you turn off the promotional SMS then the SIM operators will not be able

GP Promotional SMS Off

to send annoying SMS to your mobile. To stop promotional SMS on Robi SIM go to dial option of your mobile and dial *7#. Then a new page will appear there you have to write 2 and reply.

Dear friends, today through this post we are going to show you how to stop BRTC promotional SMS. I will discuss the details about that. All types of mobile operators communicate various

offers to their customers through SMS. It can be annoying to many. So you want to stop these SMS services. So today through this post we will discuss how to stop promotional SMS. I will tell about it.

Read and view the article. If you don’t want to receive promotional SMS on your mobile, the operator-based ‘Do Not Disturb’ short codes are – Grameenphone *121*1101#, Banglalink *121*8*6# and Robi and Airtel *7#.

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