GP Minute Offer 2024 for 30 Days

Many of you are looking for GP minute offers. So for your convenience, we have made this post today. So that you can know the new GP minute offer from here.

The Grameenphone SIM Operator Authority has been offering GP Minutes to its customers for some time now. As a result, many customers enjoy this minute offer. If you want, you can also enjoy our new minute offers from here.

However, in this post we have discussed how you can enjoy the GP Minute offer and how you can collect these offers. So I can say that our post is very important for you.

GP Minute Offer 2024

You are looking for GP minute offer, but don’t worry. We have published the list of all popular GP minutes offer and activation code here.

As a result, you can buy different types of minute offer packages from here. So select the minute offers of your choice right now from below.

So that customers can easily buy their minute offers. So here we have published each of your packages as well as the minute purchase activation code. So this post will be very helpful for you.

GP minute pack Code & List 2024

The most popular GP minute package code and list of 2024 has been released. So you can find the activation code to buy any package of your choice from us here.

You can also enjoy this offer by recharging a certain amount of Tk. However, this offer does not apply to all customers. Check now to see if you can get this offer.

At present, the number of GP subscribers is much higher than other mobile operators. As a result, people are constantly looking for different types of minute offers to talk to each other as a result of using GP SIM.

14 Tk Minute Offer

This package is basically for those customers who are looking for a few minute offer. So if you want you can buy this package from us and talk to the people of your choice.

However, your intent is to say that you have to finish talking within 16 hours of purchasing this offer. So if you want to buy this offer, you must dial * 121 * 4001 # from your mobile.

By dialing the activation code above, you can enjoy the offer for 14 minutes and 21 minutes on your mobile. So it can be said that this offer of buying 21 minutes is very important for you.

GP 40 Minute Offer

If you need to talk more, you can enjoy this offer. However, to buy this offer for 40 minutes, you must have a balance of 24 Tk on your mobile.

I would also like to inform you that this offer is valid for 24 hours. So you have to finish this minute to talk to you within a day of buying this offer.

So if you want to buy this offer, dial * 121 * 4002 # USSD code from your mobile now. Then 40 minutes will be automatically bought on your mobile.

100 Minute offer code

Now we will discuss the code to buy 100 minute bundle package. So you will get the correct idea about the activation code and expiration date of purchasing this package from us here.

You will be charged 59 Tk from your mobile to enjoy the 100 minute offer. But you can talk for seven days after buying this minute. So you have to complete this minute offer within 7 days.

However, many people do not know the activation code to buy this offer, so you need to dial * 121 * 4205 # from your mobile phone to buy this offer. Then you can enjoy this offer.

Minute pack 99 Taka

This 7 day offer is very popular. So you can easily enjoy the offer of 160 minutes on 99 Tk recharge for a period of seven days from here if you want.

However, we are now going to discuss in detail how you will enjoy this offer. You do not need to dial any USSD or activation code to enjoy this offer.

You only need to recharge 99 Tk from any store to enjoy the 160 minute offer. If you recharge 99 Tk, the 160 minute offer will automatically come to your mobile.

GP Minute Offer 2024 for 30 days

All those customers need to talk a lot every month. If they want, they can enjoy different types of minute offers for a period of 30 days. We have discussed in detail here about the one month GP minute offer.

GP regularly offers various types of internet and minute offers to its customers. So in today’s post we have discussed about different types of minute offers for your convenience.

So you can easily get the activation code to enjoy your minute offer here. You will also get the right idea on how to enjoy this offer.

200 Minute Offer Code

You need to have a certain amount of balance on your mobile to enjoy this offer. So if you are planning to buy this offer now. But now dial the activation code to buy this offer from below.

No activation code is usually required to enjoy this offer. So you can enjoy this offer by recharging 146.50 Tk.

This offer is valid for 30 days which allows you to talk for 200 minutes with your close relatives and loved ones in exchange for 146.50 Tk. Which is why this package is so important to you.

1000 Minute Offer

We all know that business customers need to talk a lot for different business activities. As a result, they are looking for 1000 minute offer codes for a period of 30 days.

So I would say that there is nothing to worry about. From here you can learn all the things to enjoy this minute offer. So now you can buy 1000 minutes offer from us for a period of 30 days.

To buy this offer you can go to My GP Apps and buy for 604 Tk. As a result, you can now enjoy this offer by downloading GP apps from the Google Play Store. So enjoy this offer now without delay.

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