GP Internet Package 2024 Code, List [Monthly, 30, 15, 7 Days]

Today, through this post, we are telling you about Grameenphone’s various Internet packages. Grameenphone has spread its high-speed internet around.

If you want to activate GrameenPhone’s Four Point 5G Internet Package. Then you must know about Grameenphone internet packages. Minimum 3 days validity and maximum 30 days validity

and unlimited internet package. What kind of Grameenphone packages do you want to activate now? Keep an eye on our website to know that. I am showing you internet packages from 3 days to 30 days.

I will tell you how to buy them and their prices. Grameenphone is offering cheap internet packages to its customers. If you are using Grameenphone’s My GP app. Then you will see from My Offer

option in very short time. You are receiving any offers. I will discuss before you. You will get Grameenphone 5 MB internet for only 2.3 Tk. In addition, Grameenphone’s 1 GB internet is available

for only 43 Tk and will be valid for three days. If you want to activate this package then recharge Tk 43 or dial *121*3101#. Through this app you will get internet in very short time

Get 15 GB internet with 2 GB internet free for just 189 taka. If you recharge 179 Tk. You can activate this package or dial this code *121*3359#. Welcome to today’s article.

Today we will discuss about Grameenphone Daily Package, Monthly Package and Unlimited Internet Package in front of you through this post. I will discuss about that.

You can avail of some offers through the article by recharging or dialing the SSD code. Your 159 taka will get 150 minutes plus 3.5 GB internet for seven days. If you want to activate this package

GP Internet Package 2024

Then Dial Recharge 159 Tk. Hope friends understand. This interesting internet package of Grameenphone has to be activated by dialing *121*3434#. Your original balance must be Tk 124.

Grameenphone is giving you only 17 taka 1GB internet for only seven days but not all of you can take this offer. Those who have taken a new connection.

They will get 1 GB internet per month for seven days. With only 17 Tk in exchange. So today we will show you through this post. How to activate your package.

If you want to activate 17 taka 1 GB internet package. Then you must recharge Tk 17. If you recharge 17 Tk, you will get 1 GB of internet per month for 9 months of 9 GB.