GP Internet Offer 2024 for 7, 15, 30 Days

Today we will discuss about GP internet offer in this post. So if you want to know any information about the latest GP internet? But I would say you are in the right place.

At present GP internet is the most popular and the service is good. As a result, the number of subscribers using GP SIM from other mobile operators is also much higher. However, you often find out about your internet offer.

So the latest internet offer that GP authorities have released, we have published here. So from here you can know about the latest Grameenphone SIM internet offer.

GP Internet Offer 2024

If you are looking for GP internet offer, I would say you are in the right place. Here you can also find the purchase code of GP Internet offer.

All the packages of GP new internet offer after 15th October 2024 are discussed here. So you will get the right idea about how to enjoy these offers from us here.

In this post we have published every offer and package purchase code. So by dialing this code or recharging a certain amount of Tk, you can enjoy the GP internet offer of your choice.

grameenphone internet package

Many of us use different types of internet packages for a period of seven, 15, and 30 days. As a result, you are constantly searching for different websites about Grameenphone’s new internet package.

Check: GP Internet Offer 2024

However, I will say that from our post you can know the details about each Grameenphone internet package. So you can buy the package that you feel comfortable buying from here.

Soon after, Grameenphone launched new internet packages for its customers. As a result, customers are looking for different types of GP Internet packages every 2-1 days.

38 Taka Recharge offer

This offer is a very popular offer. Customers can enjoy this offer by recharging 38 Tk. But we are going to discuss what kind of offer you can enjoy by recharging 38 Tk.

By recharging 38 Tk you can use 1gb internet for three days. So this offer is a great offer for you. But now we will tell you how to enjoy this offer.

You can also enjoy this offer by dialing a USSD code without a 38 Tk recharge. To enjoy this offer you must dial * 121 * 3366 # from your phone.

2.5 GB Internet 57 taka

What if you need to use more internet? But you can enjoy this offer if you want. You will have to spend 57 tk to get 2.5 GB internet.

Also, if you have taken this offer, it is valid for only three days. So of course you have to finish this internet in three days.

You must dial a specific code to enjoy this offer. Only then will you be able to enjoy the offer. So enjoy 2.5 GB internet by dialing * 121 * 3242 # now.

GP internet Offer 2024 for 7 days

For your convenience, we will now discuss the seven-day package GP Internet. So you can easily use these packages for a week.

So for your convenience, we will now discuss all the offers of one week term GP Internet Offer. So below you can find out about the 7 day GP internet offers.

We have also discussed here how you can buy these packages. So by dialing the USSD code of the package you like, you can enjoy the offer.

1 GB Internet Offer

Customers make the most of this 7-day offer. As a result, the demand for this package is increasing day by day. However, you can also use this package if you want.

However, to enjoy this offer, you must recharge 77 tk. But you can enjoy 1GB internet for 7 days. You can buy this offer now if you want from below.

You need to dial a USSD code to activate this offer. So enjoy this offer now by dialing * 121 * 3056 #. However, 77 tk will be charged for this.

8 GB Internet Offer

If you use the internet a lot, you can use this offer. You can use the 8 GB internet offer for seven days. So this offer is a great offer for you.

You must have more than 148 taka on your phone to enjoy this offer. The 148 tk charge of 8 GB internet offer will be deducted for a period of seven days. We have published the activation code of the offer below.

So to enjoy this offer you must dial * 121 * 3262 # from your phone. Then automatically 8 GB internet will be bought in exchange of 148 taka. Which will be valid for seven days.

GP internet Offer 2024 15 days

As we have said before, customers use different packages of GP Internet. As a result, many of you are looking for a 15-day GP Internet offer.

However, I would say that from here you can know all the offers of GP Internet for a period of 15 days. So I can say that this post is very important for you. So buy your favourite packages from us here.

We have published the activation code of each internet package for each customer here. As a result, using these codes, you can easily enjoy the offer of your choice right now.

GP internet Offer 2024 for 30 days

On 5 October 2024, GP made a new internet offer to customers for a period of 30 days. So if you want you can know our new offers from here.

You will also get an activation code to buy GP internet offer from us here. As a result, you can buy the packages of your choice from our website.

However, I would like to say to you that in order to buy each package, you must have a certain amount of tk of your mobile balance. So select the packages of your choice from our post and buy the internet package by dialing the activation code.

5 GB Internet Offer

Are customers looking for a 30 day 5 GB internet offer? This offer is very popular for them. You can easily enjoy this offer from here.

But for this, you must have 299 tk balance in your mobile. Because 299 tk charge is deducted for buying 5GB internet in 30 days period. So if you want to take this offer, dial the activation code below now.

* 121 * 3458 # This is the activation code for buying 5 GB internet. So if you dial this code from your mobile phone. Then 5gb internet will be bought on your mobile automatically.

399 Tk for 10 GB Internet

This offer is very popular for all business customers who are looking for an internet offer for a period of 30 days. Because you need a lot of internet access for business.

So you can buy 10 GB internet for 399 tk. So you can use this internet effortlessly in 30 days. At present this offer is quite popular for business customers.

However, many people want to know how much activation code to buy this offer. So I would say dial * 121 * 3392 # from your mobile phone. Then you will see that 10 GB internet will be bought on your mobile automatically.

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