GP Customer Care Number, Live Chat [how to talk gp customer care]

Suppose, your SIM or your Grameenphone is receiving unwanted SMS and deducting taka. Then you definitely want to talk to the customer care and solve your problem. So I came to help you.

Today we will discuss in detail about several customer care addresses of Grameenphone in front of you through this post. To contact Grameenphone Customer Care, call 121 and follow the next instructions.

Besides, if you want, you can live chat with Robi’s Grameenphone customer care using the My GP app. This way you can solve your problem. So friends let’s know the detailed information about this.

May need to speak to Grameenphone customer care. As a reason we can say that the message comes and takes taka. To stop such services, if a service is started without your knowledge or by mistake.

If there is problem with grameenphone internet speed to stop that service. When taka deduction services are introduced, value added services are introduced.

For these reasons, you may need to contact customer care. Through this post, I will show you how to make all kinds of corrections by calling customer care directly.

Besides live chat, through email, through SMS on Facebook page, by reporting complaint on complaint number and talking directly on Grameenphone helpline number.

So friends, I have informed you through this question. I would like to know about the rules of talking to Grameenphone customer care when you come online.

To contact Grameenphone customer care number directly, call 121. After that, you will hear some voice telling you to press the button. First, you press six buttons.

They ask you to press 6 to talk to Grameenphone customer care. After that, you have to listen to something and then you press no. And 59 paise per minute call rate can talk

GP Customer Care Number

to Grameenphone customer care manager. Can solve all your problems. Grameenphone online customer care address through this post. GP customer care email is [email protected].

You can contact Grameenphone customer care by sending email to this email address. When you send email to this email address you will get solution of your problem in email.

In this way you can easily talk to Grameenphone customer care by emailing for free. or to do live chat download my GP app from there go to live chat option and tell all your general.

The Grameenphone page link is You can talk to the customer care by sending an SMS or commenting on the Grameenphone Facebook page from this link.