GP Bondho SIM Offer 2024 (Free internet & Minute Offer)

As you may already know, GP authorities occasionally offer GP Bondho SIM. As a result, many customers search on Google to find their Bondho SIM offer. So this post has been made for you.

So from here, you can know about GP Bondho SIM offer. In this post, we will discuss the internet, minute and call rate offers of GP Bondho SIM with examples.

But for this, you must read our post carefully from the beginning to the end. This will allow you to know for sure which Bondho SIM offer your internet and call rate will apply to.

GP Bondho SIM Offer 2024

If you want to know GP Bondho SIM offer, but don’t worry. We have discussed all the offers of GP Bondho SIM here. So find out about your offer now from below.

You have already enjoyed the GP Bondho SIM offer for July and August. So now we come up with this month’s Bondho SIM offer. So if you have a Bondho SIM, you can enjoy this offer.

However, to know how to enjoy the GP Bondho SIM offer, you need to read the following points carefully. So that you can know how to enjoy your Bondho SIM offer.

gp bondho sim offer october 2024

Many customers are looking for the October GP Bondho SIM offer. But I would say there is nothing to worry about. From here you can easily know the Bondho SIM offer for the month of October.

If your Bondho SIM has been unused for four to five months, you can enjoy this offer if you want. Because on 17th October 2024, the authorities have launched your GP Bondho SIM offer.

Generally, we all know that one of the offers of GP Bondho SIM is internet offer. Also, many times free minutes and call rates are available. But from below you will be sure to know which offer you can enjoy.

GP Bondho SIM internet Offer 2024

We will now discuss the GP Bondho SIM Internet offer. So if you want to enjoy Bondho SIM internet offer? However, you can easily enjoy from here.

Many customers buy SIM cards to get internet offers. As a result, the GP authorities offer Bondho SIM to use it again after five-six months. As a result, you re-activate your GP SIM.

However, from here you will get the activation code to get the offer of GP Bondho SIM. We have also discussed here how you can enjoy these offers.

1GB internet offer

You need to recharge 9 Tk to enjoy this offer. You can also enjoy this offer with the activation code below. So if you want to get this offer, dial the activation code below.

To get 1 GB internet offer you need to dial * 121 * 5085 # activation code. Then 1 GB internet will come to your mobile automatically. However, this offer is valid for one day only.

To know 1 GB internet balance dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # code. So hopefully you have been able to collect an activation code from us to get this offer.

5GB internet offer for 47 Tk

What if you are a heavy internet user? However, this offer will be very helpful for you. This allows you to collect 5 GB internet for 47 taka. However, it is necessary to dial the activation code.

So if you want to get this offer, dial * 5000 * 5816 # activation code now. However, the validity of five GB internet is seven days. So you have to finish this internet in a week.

To know the balance of these five GB of internet you must dial * 121 * 1 * 2 #. Then you will understand how many GB of internet is left to use.

2GB Internet Offer

For your convenience, we are now going to discuss the 2 GB internet offer. So if you want to get this offer, find out all the information about this offer from below.

This offer is mainly for those who are looking for different types of GP Bondho SIM Internet offers for a period of 30 days. If you want to get this offer, dial * 121 * 5151 # from your mobile now.

As soon as you dial this activation code, automatic 2gb internet will come to your mobile. However, I must say that to get these two GB internet, you will be charged 18 Tk from your mobile. So you must have a balance on your mobile above 18 taka.

GP Bondho SIM Call Rate Offer 2024

Since many people are looking for GP Bondho SIM call rate offer. So for you we are now going to discuss about the new call rate offer of GP Bondho SIM. So find out about your new call rate now from below.

If you turn on GP Bondho SIM, you will get 1 paisa call rate per second and 10 second pulse call rate. Which makes this call rate a great offer for you.

So each of us should know about the call rate of your Bondho SIM from here now. Here is a complete chart of your call rates with examples. So collect your call rates from below.

GP Bondho SIM Minute Offer 2024

Since the GP Bondho SIM minute offer was published on 24 October 2024. We are now going to discuss your Bondho SIM minute offer. So find out all your minute offers from below.

Customers who usually offer Bondho SIM minutes. It is for them that we have made this post today. So that you can easily know the latest minute offers from here.

Also how you can collect minute offer of your GP Bondho SIM. That is what we have discussed here. However, for this, you must recharge a certain amount of Tk.

48 Minutes Offer

48 minutes offer you can enjoy by recharging 28 Tk. In this case, customers will be able to enjoy call rates at very affordable prices. In that case, the call rate per minute will be 0.56 Tk.

Which makes it a great offer for customers. However, this offer is applicable for all customers who have GP SIM Bondho for 6 months. So now you see if this offer applies to you.

If this offer is for you, recharge 28 Tk now. Then you can automatically enjoy this offer. Upon receiving this offer, a confirmation message will be sent to your mobile.

how to check gp bondho sim offer

Many of you want to know how to check GP Bondho SIM offer. So now we are going to discuss the whole process of checking Bondho SIM offer with examples.

To check GP Bondho SIM you must dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # code from your mobile phone. So what if you are eligible to get Bondho SIM offer? However, you must be notified by message.

So I would say that you can check your Bondho SIM offer by dialing * 121 * 1 * 2 # now. So you can be sure that you can enjoy any offer of internet, minutes and call rate for Bondho SIM.

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