GP Balance Transfer Pin Code 2024

Those of you who want to know the balance transfer information of Grameenphone. I will present the information to you through this article. Sometimes you give a mobile balance gift to your loved one. In addition, sometimes for some reason, the balance of the mobile needs to be transferred.

So today we will let you know through this article. How to transfer your GP balance. In this case, your SIM does not have to be any kind of flexiload SIM. You can know this information only if you follow a few methods.

I will discuss the details of GP balance transfer in detail in front of you. I will try to show you the methods in the form of screenshots. So this article is going to be informative for you. I hope you like it.

GP Balance Transfer Pin Code

If you want, you can transfer balance from one GP SIM to another GP SIM. Which is called balance transfer. If you do not want to go to the Flexiload store. Then you can transfer the balance from GP to another GP SIM and recharge.

GP Balance Transfer Pin Code 2024

But sometimes customers don’t know how it works. Through this registration, I will tell you how to transfer the appropriate balance for all your customers. However, in order to transfer the balance, some conditions have to be met.

Your SIM must be used for more than one year. Then you can transfer the balance. You also need to register. You will get a PIN number after registration to enjoy this facility. You can transfer your balance using its PIN number.

gp to gp balance transfer Code 2024

Today we will present Grameenphone Balance Transfer Code information through this article. In this case, you will know how to transfer Grameenphone balance.

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In that case we will inform the messaging method, change of PIN number, limitation, all the information. In this case, first you have to go to the dial option of your mobile phone.

Then type * 121 * 1500 # and dial USSD code. Then complete the registration by following the instructions. This is how you get your work done

gp balance transfer to bkash

If you have previously registered for a balance transfer. But later if you forget the PIN number. Then you may face some problems. Because you can’t transfer any kind of balance.

In this case you need to contact customer care. Then they will want to know which national identity card your SIM is registered with. If you can say the registration number correctly.

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Then it will be verified. The customer care authority will then send you a default PIN. With that you can change the PIN later.

GP balance transfer bangla

Those of you who want to transfer Grameenphone balance. I will give you all the information through this article. Read your article carefully from beginning to end.

Then you can know the relevant information. So friends, let’s start without exaggerating. The customer has to dial * 121 * 1500 # then press 2. Enter the number you want to transfer and input the amount between 10 Tk to 100 taka each time.

Finally, you need to enter the balance transfer PIN. Also, if you want to transfer the message via TALES, then follow the procedure below. Type ”BTR <> space <> pin <> mobile number <> space <> amount.